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Enhanced Automation (EA) for Business Energy Systems Reduce Operations Cost

California Energy Commission provides business case studies and information about building automation to save energy

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Energy Management and Energy Billing System Effectiveness

Enhanced Automation (EA) increases the capability of a company's existing energy management or energy billing systems to better manage both energy use in buildings and comfort of the building occupants. Improved building system automation techniques can provide important information on energy demand, equipment usage, and costs.

Enhanced Automation for Lighting, HVAC and Thermal Storage, as well as Weather, Energy Prices and Metering

EA systems can monitor lighting, HVAC and thermal storage, as well as weather, energy prices and meter information.

Potential benefits from Enhanced Automation include:

  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Reduced Operational and Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Energy Use Monitoring and Analysis
  • Increased Occupancy/Customer Comfort
  • Long-term Benefits to Company
  • Improved Corporate Image
  • Societal Benefits from Reduced Pollution or Energy Costs

EA investments now can provide long-term benefits including the ability to identify new opportunities for energy saving projects and to better forecast and manage energy costs.

Enhanced automation can be accomplished through the installation of control or monitoring EA technologies or simply reprogramming and/or fine tuning your existing equipment control systems. EA systems can manage a variety of building systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and other systems such as security and building access.

Automation enhancements include adding a new Energy Information System (EIS) or Energy Management System (EMS), as well as re-programming or expanding the network of sensors and control devices on an existing EMS.

The California Energy Commission provides several free resources to help medium and large businesses to identify and implement enhanced automation opportunities.

Enhanced Automation Energy Case Studies

You can view Case Studies of Enhanced Automation by California companies to learn what others are achieving with enhanced automation. These success stories showcase the costs and benefits of enhanced automation in HVAC and Lighting systems for medium and large businesses

SOURCE and EXPANDED INFO: California Energy Commission

Business Case Guidebook

Download the Business Case Guidebook (California Energy Commission publication #400-02-005F, Acrobat PDF file, 20 pages, 2.1 megabytes - Note file size.) to see the economic costs and benefits of investing in building automation.

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