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Sustainable packaging involves design, materials, processes and working with the materials and retail ends of the supply chain.

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Sustainable Packaging Microsite and Podcasts

Industry news about sustainable materials, sustainable processes and equipment, as well as podcasts on basic sustainability and green concepts are provided by Packaging Digest. Podcasts recently noted include:
  • Definition of Sustainable Packaging
  • What's Next for the Packaging Industry?
Sustainable Packaging on

And a downloadable PDF report on Sustainability in Packaging is available for your bedside reading. It was sponsored by Packaging Digest, Sustainable Packaging coalition and GreenBlue. Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Packaging Digest subscriber’s awareness and adoption levels of sustainability in the packaging industry.

  • About 80% of the total participants in this study expressed at least some familiarity with the topic of sustainability in the packaging industry. However, only 8% mentioned being very familiar with the toMost respondent felt that the emphasis on sustainable packaging has increased within the last year with the about two-thirds mentioning that they have taken at least some action related to sustainability within that same time frame. However, there was no agreement on any of the actions taken suggesting that there is still no real consensus amongst the packaging industry as it relates to sustainability activities.
  • More respondents view sustainability as an environmental versus economic initiative at present.
  • As a continued sign of increased importance, sustainable design was seen as being a very or somewhat important factor in making packaging decisions. This is corroborated by the fact that 87% of respondents mentioned at least some portion of their current customers are asking for / requiring sustainable packaging.
  • Trade / industry publications were seen as the most credible source for acquiring information related to sustainability with about half or respondents mentioning this source most. Trade associations and manufacturers were seen as credible by 46% and 43% respectively.For those responding, about two-thirds have some metric in place to measure their success with sustainability. However, there was no real unity amongst answers with source reduction (13%) being the most common metric used. Similarly, when asked about additional resources needed to help reach sustainability goals, the most common answer was related to needing more information (11%). Again, this suggests a very fragmented understanding of the definition of sustainability in the packaging industry.
  • There were no significant differences between responses from manufacturers versus end users in this study. There were slight, directional differences noticed in a couple of areas. First, slightly more end-users viewed sustainability as an economic initiative. Next, manufacturers had a slightly higher rate of customers asking for / requiring sustainable packaging (as a percentage of all their customers). Last, end users viewed manufacturers, educational institutions, and trade shows as moderately more credible in terms of a source of information about sustainability.
  • Paperboard Packaging Design & Innovation

    Need a rapid fire overview of design concepts by expert packaging designers? These paperboard packages vary from wheels to cosmetics to software...and much more packaged in this fast paced webinar archive.

    Add to this webinar a presentation by John Chaisson: "Structural Design", Mike Heldman: "Materials", Dale New: "Graphic Design", and Paul Bengtson: "Work Flow". Package Design Webinar of Paperboard Packaging Design & Innovation

    Packaging Standards and Trends

    Packaging webinars is designed to give packaging professionals and manufacturers valuable insight into changing industry standards and emerging trends.

    DDL Packaging & Risk Management Webinars, and ISO 11607's Impact on Packaging Manufacturers and Engineers

    10 Principles of effective Packaging Design

    By Scott Young, President of Perception Research Services. PRS pioneered the use of eye-tracking technology to document the shelf visibility of packaging/merchandising systems and to uncover the exact manner in which packaging labels are read. Today, PRS implements qualitative, quantitative, store-based and web-based research. PAID WEBINAR. $$$

    Research based packaging effectiveness by PRS.

    Anti-counterfeiting Initiatives in Cosmetic Packaging

    As counterfeiting in personal care and cosmetic packaging continues to be a major issue today, Beauty Packaging's expert panel of speakers looks at the different types of counterfeiting, the levels of sophistication of today’s counterfeiters and the repercussions of this fraud, the initiatives taken to combat packaging counterfeiting in the U.S. and abroad and the challenges faced in controlling the vast network of fakes being manufactured in countries with lenient regulatory practices.

    Speakers: Vaughn Volpi, President, PICA Corporation
    Jeffrey Unger, President, Brand Protection Division, OpSec Security Group

    Research based packaging effectiveness by PRS.

    Macrovision 20 Commandments for Software Packaging

    This Webinar presents the 20 Commandments of Software Packaging, walking you through each step of the packaging process as an actual package is created live. You'll see a practical application of the 20 packaging best practices, and you'll come away with a complete process that can help ensure the quality and reliability of your packages. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

    Macrovision best practices for software packaging

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