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California Resource Recovery Association promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, P2 and composting

California Resource Recovery Association promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, P2 and composting

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California Resource Recovery Association leads California businesses and communities toward respect and conservation

TheGreen Solution Award - The members of California Resource Recovery Association have been actively researching, advising, helping and educating California businesses and communities about natural resource respect and conservation since 1974.

The CRRA holds regular conferences and training sessions that equip local leaders with the knowledge, skills and connections needed to make a read difference in our landfills and our waterways, our homes and our workplaces.

We salute the Members of the
California Resource Recovery Association!

The California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting waste reduction, reuse, recycling, pollution prevention, and composting.

The CRRA works to expand markets for recycled materials, promotes sustainable materials policies and is a clearinghouse for information, innovation, and industry and governmental initiatives. CRRA newsletters, workshops and conferences provide up-to-the-minute information on issues that shape the recycling and composting fields. CRRA is the premier organization for linking like-minded individuals from every facet of the industry. Non-profits, waste haulers, recyclers, state, federal and local government, recycled product manufacturers and many others come together under the CRRA umbrella.

2008 CRRA Annual Conference

CRRA heads to the SFO Airport Hyatt in Burlingame, CA for its 2008 Annual Conference and Tradeshow. If you are interested in participating on the conference committee, please send an email to Judi Gregory at

CRRA membership is home to a wide variety of waste-related Technical Councils. Members participate in councils that match their

  • California Collegiate Recycling Council Provides technical assistance and networking for college and university recycling programs.
  • California Organic Recycling Council Monitors state and federal regulations, organics market expansion, public information and related organic issues.
  • Construction and Demolition Council Promotes the advancement and enhancement of C&D waste material recovery practices, and strives to expand C&D recovery infrastructure and markets.
  • e-Waste Handlers Advocates the setting up of environmentally safe procedures for the collecting and safe handling of e- Waste. e-WH helps local generators and recyclers, develop methods of educating the public about proper e-Waste disposal, and provides a suitable marketplace to encourage Reuse, Rebuild and then Recycle.
  • Global Recycling Council Supports zero waste policies, removal of subsidies for virgin materials and job expansion through discards and recycling programs.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Council provide a forum for discussion and promotion of product responsibility models for managing universal and hazardous wastes.
  • Independent Recyclers Council Provides information specific to private recycling collection and processing.
  • K-12 Technical Council To cultivate waste reduction behavior and environmental literacy in K-12 schools, using best practices in operations.
  • Local Agency Technical Council Addresses refuse and recycling concerns of public agencies.
  • Repair, Resale and Reuse Council Promotes use of thrift stores, public awareness of repair, resale and reuse of products.
  • Venue & Special Events Waste Reduction Council provide a forum for discussion and promotion of waste diversion programs, cooperative purchasing of recycled content materials, public education, publicity, outreach, sustainable construction, waste reduction planning, and product responsibility

CRRA will serve as California’s Zero Waste Council — leading the way to Zero Waste by 2025.

California Resource Recovery Association
785 Orchard Drive, Suite 225
Folsom, CA 95630

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