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Who Is CIWMB and Why Do They Matter To Your Business?

CIWMB waste management for California solid waste and cradle-to-cradle recycling programs

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Waste Management Strategic Planning

Businesses create a lot of waste...and have a great capacity for reuse of what someone else considers waste. The California Integrated Waste Management Board is a the center of the solid waste storm. They regulate landfills...and they are increasingly mandating product design standards that reduce end-of-life waste and convert it into more recyclable material. Pay attention to CIWMB ... they have mandates coming to ... " Evaluate by January 2008 potential statutory and funding options to enhance local and regional capabilities to prevent and redress illegal dumping." Among other things.

CIWMB California Integrated Waste Management Board...a Great Friend in Very Green Places!

Here's a brief overview of the CIWMB and how they can partner with you to reduce your waste, manage it for cradle-to-cradle reuse of our precious -- and increasingly expensive -- natural resources.

Purpose: Protect Public Health and Safety, Resources and Environment

The purpose of the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) is to protect and preserve our public health and safety, our resources, and our environment.

The vision of the CIWMB is a sustainable California, where all resources are conserved to the maximum extent feasible, greenhouse gases are reduced, and our unique natural environment is preserved for future generations.

To meet the mandates in the Integrated Waste Management Act, the CIWMB implements programs to

  • reduce waste generation;
  • divert materials from landfills;
  • recover resources and direct them to their highest and best use,
  • in accordance with the act's waste management hierarchy (Public
  • Resources Code section 40051);
  • remediate illegal sites; and,
  • ensure compliance with applicable state standards.

Programs to Support California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006

CIWMB programs are also conducted in support of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Core Values of CIWMB

  • Minimize Waste
  • Landfill Management
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Market Development
  • Customer/Local Assistance
  • Enforcement/Permitting
  • Research and Development of Technology
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Public Outreach and Environmental Education
  • Training and Development

Producer Responsibility for Waste Management

It is a core value of the CIWMB that producers assume the responsibility for the safe stewardship of their materials in order to promote environmental sustainability.

Specifically, the CIWMB will:

  1. Utilize existing Board authority to foster "cradle-to-cradle" producer responsibility.
  2. Seek statutory authority to foster "cradle-to-cradle" producer responsibility.
  3. Analyze the feasibility of various approaches to increasing producer responsibility, including during the product design and packaging phases, and make recommendations to the CIWMB Board by December 2007, and annually thereafter.
  4. Build capacity and knowledge in CIWMB on extended producer responsibility (EPR) issues and solutions.
  5. Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders that result in producer-financed and producer-managed systems for product discards.

Market Development for Recycled Content

It is a core value of the CIWMB to assist in the development of viable, sustainable markets to divert materials from landfills and encourage source reduction and recycling, in accordance with the waste management hierarchy and in support of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Specifically, the CIWMB will:

  1. Reduce the amount of organics in the waste stream by 50 percent by 2020.
  2. Complete and report on the Market Assessment Action Plan (MAAP) pilot study by June 30, 2007.
  3. Show a 15 percent increase in Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) loans to companies and markets prioritized in the MAAP study.
  4. Seek statutory authority to remove the RMDZ loan cap by 2008.
  5. Annually report to CIWMB Board members on developments in market infrastructure.
  6. Increase environmentally responsible procurement by state agencies by 10 percent per year.
  7. Incorporate green building principles in all applicable California building codes.

Get a full map of the CIWMB's upcoming programs and mandates in their Strategic Plan, which was updated August 13, 2007. Strategic Plan of CIWMB

Glossary of local government waste management terms

Key initiatives include Waste Reduction in Schools; Green Building and C&D Waste Reduction; Used Oil Recycling; Tire Waste Reduction and Recycling; and Organic Waste Reduction; Electronic Waste Recycling...and growing concerns about landfill management for tomorrow's natural resource conservation needs.

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