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Corporate Solutions Announced at Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Global Initiative commitments for 2007 cover Education, Energy & Climate change, Global Health, Poverty Alleviation

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peanut oil biodiesel history Since its launch in 2005, the Clinton Global Initiative has seen $10 billion in action pledges.

Education, Energy & Climate change, Global Health, Poverty Alleviation

Each year at the Clinton Global Initiative gathering, coprorate leaders announce their commitments to reduce global warming and improve other social challenges.

If you weren't there...maybe there are ways you can participate in some of these high-profile projects to leverage your impact. There are four initiative areas being addressed:

Clinton welcomed his guests by telling them that since the first CGI meeting, "More than 600 commitments have been made by hundreds and hundreds of participants in these CGI sessions, impacting tens of millions of lives and more than 100 countries. Among the things which have come out of the commitments made and kept: 20 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions have been avoided, more than 850,000 children under the age of five have received life saving health services, three million more micro-entrepreneurs have accessed the capital."

Al Gore's State of the Planet Update..

Clinton invited Al Gore, his former vice president, to speak about climate change, and Gore said the world is already at a crisis point. "There should be no mistake that this crisis, the climate crisis, is not going to be solved only by personal action and business action. We need changes in laws, we need changes in policies, we need leadership, and we need a new treaty, we need a mandate at Bali, during the first 14 days of December this year, to complete a treaty, not by 2012, but by 2009, and put it completely into force by 2010. We can do it and we must do it," Gore said.

"Two things happened last week that were particularly important," said Gore. "Number one, five days ago, at the time of the equinox when the warm half of the year in the northern hemisphere ended, there was the official measurement of the maximum extent to which the ice of the north polar ice cap had melted. It not only set an all time record low, it was 22 percent below the previous record, an extra one million square miles melted, there are only 1.6 million square miles left."

"What it means is that the entire north polar ice cap could be completely gone in less than 23 years. And if it goes, it won't come back in millions of years," Gore warned.

The other important event last week was that the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of a success story - the Montreal Protocol, ratified when Ronald Reagan was president, which has been effective in reducing the emission of ozone-destroying chemicals.

Gore said the effort to solve the climate crisis is actually the key to giving humanity the ability to successfully address these other crises, whether its religious strife, or the effort against global poverty, or HIV AIDS, or any of the others.

"When people from different points of view with different experiences have a shared goal that is urgent, that's connected to their survival, they find the ability to put their differences aside and work together. We've seen it time and time again, sometimes in war, sometimes in peace. This is an emergency."

2007 Clinton Global Initiative Commitments

Through the ground-breaking "Green for All" initiative, The Ella Barker Center for Human Rights is committing to help lead 250,000 Americans out of poverty and into "green-collar" jobs. With the continued growth in the building, solar, urban forestry, and bio-fuels sectors, a highly-trained "green-collar" workforce is needed to meet rising demand. Green for All will advocate for a national commitment to greater job training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities - especially for people from disadvantaged communities. This transition could boost the U.S. economy, generating new opportunities for wealth and work.

YouTube's 2007/2008 Clinton Global Initiative commitment enables nonprofit organizations (in the U.S. those with 501c3 tax filing status) that register for the program to receive a free nonprofit specific YouTube channel where they can upload footage of their work, public service announcements, calls to action and more. The channel will also allow them to collect donations with no processing costs using the newly launched Google Checkout for Non-Profits. YouTube's global platform enables nonprofits to deliver their message, showcase their impact and needs, and encourage supporters to take action. Nonprofits can apply for a nonprofit channel type by going to and filling out a short application, which will be processed by our grants team.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. announced that it will only sell concentrated liquid laundry detergent in the U.S. in a bid to spur change in the retail industry and reduce water and plastic usage. The move to sell only concentrated liquid detergent will save more than 400 million gallons of water, 95 million pounds of plastic resin and 125 million pounds of cardboard, the company said. Wal-Mart also announced this week it will measure energy use and carbon emissions of the supply chain of seven product categories as part of a partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Standard Chartered Bank offered to underwrite up to $5 billion in debt to renewable energy projects with a total project value of as much as $10 billion. That's a five year committment. The bank will target clean energy projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and focus their efforts in areas such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, biomass and coal bed methane.

Equator Environmental LLC will create a $100 million private equity fund that will invest in environmentally friendly projects

X Prize committed to give prize money of up to $300 million to innovators making breakthroughs in energy and climate change, education, health, and poverty alleviation by conducting a dozen global competitions for large scale inducement prizes. X Prize defines a problem and then sets a challenge to find the solution. In this new round of prizes, innovators will have to show outcomes such as a reduction in CO2 or improved mortality rates. Innovators who reach the targets first will be able to claim millions of dollars in prize money.

The Green for All Initiative unveiled at the Clinton Global Initiative will train 250,000 green collar workers.

Actor Brad Pitt is expanding his commitment to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward with his Make it Right project to create a community of 150 affordable and sustainable homes in one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina.

The Alliance for Climate Protection, along with Mark Buell and Susie Tompkins Buell will spend $5 million to engage leaders in both political parties and civil society to find ways to reduce emissions.

Florida Power and Light will invest $2.4 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, such as solar power plants and customer education programs.

Pratt Industries will spend $1 billion to construct new paper mills, waste-to-energy plants and materials recovery facilities.

A coalition of eight American utilities collectively serving nearly 20 million customers in 22 states announced Thursday that they would focus on energy efficiency. With the Edison Electric Institute, the companies also will create an Institute for Electric Efficiency, enabling them to share and promote best practices in energy efficiency. For the Save-a-Watt Proposal, Duke Energy, Consolidated Edison, Edison International, Great Plains Energy, Pepco Holdings, PNM Resources, Sierra Pacific Resources and Xcel Energy pledged to increase their collective investment in energy efficiency.

Working with partners 1Sky will raise $50 million to advocate for a simple set of goals and policy proposals to improve the federal government's policies on climate change. All partners working in this coalition are committed to making the U.S. government develop climate change targets that match those of the European Union. The EU is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent compared to 1990 levels.

Proctor & Gamble, working with partner organizations in the Children's Safe Drinking Water program, will provide sachets to purify an estimated two billion liters of water.

The Dow Chemical Company will provide $30 million dollars of loan guarantees to support the financing of up to 2,000 community water systems, serving 11 million people in India through WaterHealth International, WHI.

The World Bank estimates that 90 percent of the 1.2 billion people who are living in extreme poverty depend on forest resources for some part of their livelihood. With this three-year commitment, Center for International Forestry Research will spend $6 million to launch Climate Change and Forests Initiative to produce independent and timely analysis of the options for including deforestation into global and national climate policies.

Targeting the State of Sao Paulo and working in conjunction with regional NGOs and local farmers, the Coca-Cola Company commits $13.5 million to a reforestation project along Brazilian waterways. The project aims to restore 3,000 hectares of tropical rainforest while providing local citizens with employment opportunities in environmental services.

The Wallace Global Fund, and the World Resources Institute are committed to supporting the visionary project of the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa to forego development of the Ishpingo Tambococha Tiputini oil field.

The Rainforest Alliance will run a $480 million project over five years to support best practice in forestry management in 60 countries. Working with partners they will drive up the use of certified wood products in the paper supply chain and for use in musical instruments.

Pratt Industries in a $1 billion commitment will build at least three new paper mills, four waste-to-energy plants and 30 materials recovery facilities over the next decade.

Kyoto Protocol Upgrade

Prince Albert II of Monaco, working with the United Nations Foundation and Club of Madrid, says he will seek to establish an international consensus for a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol.

Working with the Alliance for Climate Protection, Mark Buell and Susie Tompkins Buell will develop a $5 million project to continue moving the United States towards the point at which leaders in both major political parties and all sectors of civil society compete to offer effective proposals, policies, and programs that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases.

American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is committing to advance a more robust policy and economic case for renewable energy solutions and amplifying influential voices to strengthen public understanding of climate change. The commitment will create RECAP-the Renewable Energy Communications and Policy program-a three-year campaign that will put forward critical policy and economic analysis on energy supply, environment and climate, economic development and jobs, and national security.

Among the Special Award Winners...

Andre Agassi, Founder, Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, created a tuition-free college preparatory academy, providing educational and recreational opportunities for students in under-served areas of his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. With the first graduating class expected in 2009, Agassi remains a strong supporter of the growth and future success of young people in Nevada.

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems. Under his leadership, Cisco has become not only a global technology leader, but also a global leader in corporate social responsibility. He has spearheaded a diverse portfolio of programs, primarily focused on using technology to impact basic needs, education and socio-economic development.

Clinton Global Initiative

MTV and the Clinton Global Initiative will host a roundtable discussion on the state of affairs of youth activism later this month in New York City, bringing together a panel of that will include President Clinton, Bono, Chris Rock, Alicia Keys, Shakira, and Christina Norman, president of MTV. As part of the special event, "CGI and MTV present: Giving – Live at the Apollo," each individual will discuss their efforts to influence change on pressing social issues and invite young people to partner with them on a new initiative – designed to improve communities nationwide and make a difference in the lives of people living in the poorest places on the planet.

During the three day annual Clinton Global Initiative conference, attendees are required to make specific commitments to address one of the Initiative's four main topics and report back to President Clinton on the progress made throughout the year. Attendees who do not make or keep their commitments are not invited to attend future meetings.

Clinton Global Initiative is a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation to catalyze global action in the four areas of poverty, education, climate and health. CGI has established, an interactive website that allows members of the public to make individual commitments.

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