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Efficient traffic movement begins with SigAlert

Reducing the impacts of auto transportation is one of the major polluters of California. There are many ways to tackle this community problem, and one is to plan your trips to avoid expressway parking lots.

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I've moved several times in my adult life...and every time I arrive at in a new community, it's a matter of learning my way around. As cities get larger, that learning curve gets longer.

I remember one community in which I had to add at least 30 minutes to my travel time just to cope with getting lost. Every road was twisted and crossed and looked like cow trails paved over! And the signage must have been designed by somebody's brother-in-law!

Well Designed Auto Transportation Systems

California impressed me with well designed traffic corridors...with signs that made sense and gave you warnings for upcoming turns. I've only gotten lost in the Los Angeles area a couple times in the eight years I've lived here. Overshot a couple times. Not had good directions a couple...but not lost lost! And those were at night (scary, yes), when I couldn't see the signs as clearly as needed.

SigAlert, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, MapQuest and Thomas Guides help reduce traffic snarls in Los Angeles and Southern California.

One of the reasons for a better driving experience here is With this wondrous tool that monitors auto transportation routes and reports which expressways are clear and which have problems, you not only can consciously choose your route, but save hours of the expressway parking lot.

And that's really my current point about auto transportation. Don't sit and let your motor idle. That creates smog. Find a way around the mess and keep driving! helps you do that! Just one more way to cope with our urban petroleum-driven society. Next step...alternative energy...but in the meantime...

! for smarter transportation.

One tip for people giving directions and invitations: ALWAYS include Zip Codes! These wonderful digits are becoming indispensible for finding one's way through the urban maze! They are not just for mail -- but for auto transportation, as well.

Add to the maps provided by:,,
and the trusty printed version of
Thomas Guide
...and you're a world traveler in your own hometown!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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