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Organic Light-emitting Diode for TV, Electronic Paper

Organic Light-emitting Diode has application for TV, Electronic Paper and other illumination and monitor applications.

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Sony Corp Launches an OLED TV, 2007

Nearly a year after unveiling the prototype of an 11-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV at CES, Sony Corp. Oct. 1 reportedly said it would begin selling the 3mm thick display in Japan for about $1,700.

The Associated Press reported that the Japanese consumer electronics giant would produce about 2,000 units a month primarily for the Asian market.

Said to transmit superior images than liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma displays and use 40% less energy, OLED TVs have only half the lifespan (30,000 hours) of an LCD.

Katsumi Ihara, executive deputy president of Sony, said OLED TV wouldn’t replace the ubiquitous LCD until it was available in bigger screen sizes at lower prices. No information about a possible North American launch was available.

Kodak OLED

AM OLED pixels turn on and off more than three times faster than the speed of conventional motion picture film – making these displays ideal for fluid, full-motion video. The substrate – low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology – transmits electrical current extremely efficiently, and its integrated circuitry cuts down AM OLED displays’ weight and cost, too.

Kodak's OLED materials make up full-color displays that surpass even LCDs in brilliance and color. And Kodak has continually improved color purity and brightness since its scientists first discovered OLED materials. Today, Kodak’s exclusive color systems, dopants, and other materials are crucial ingredients in industry-leading devices for many applications.

Kodak OLED Material Features

  • Full range of red, green and blue materials enabling noteworthy color gamut in full-color OLED systems
  • High-efficiency materials suitable for full-color display or lighting applications based on White OLEDs
  • Rich color saturation
  • Excellent luminous efficiency
  • Long lifetime
  • Excellent drive voltage (power) efficiency
  • Certified, device-tested "EL" grade

DOE Solid-State Lighting

Current Organic Light Emitting Diode Projects are listed on the DOE's website. These OLED technologies include nanotechnology and high efficiency engineering. Projects are being conducted at a number of laboratories including Agiltron, Argonne National Lab, Dow-Corning Corp., General Electric Global Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, National Renewable Energy Lab, SRI Intl, and Universal Display Corp., U of California, Santa Barbara, U of Florida, U of North Texas, U of Southern California...and small business innovation research is being conducted by Physical Optics, Universal Display.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy - US DOE

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