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Green Gardener Training Package and Implementation Binder Available Free

Green landscaping benefits everyone -- including vulnerable family members and neighbors, children and the elderly. It pays to landscape and garden green for green!

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invasive plants in California Consider the perfect landscape. It is functional, providing beauty and places to play. It demands little maintenance. It is also resource efficient, requiring limited inputs such as water, fertilizers and pesticides, while generating little waste. These objectives are common to residential backyards, school playgrounds and city parks, from Anaheim to Yreka.

A community of sustainable, beautiful, functional landscapes will require a community of well trained landscape professionals. And where will this training come from? Enter the Green Gardener Program.

The Green Gardener Program

The Green Gardener Training program was initiated by the City and County of Santa Barbara in 2000, and has proven uniquely successful. Since 2000 the program has completed 40 class seasons with 45 expert guest lecturers. More than 1,000 students have been trained through over 23,000 student-contact hours, more than 50% in Spanish.

Training Package and Implementation Binder

This diverse training experience has resulted in a comprehensive curriculum that is now available to interested agencies. The Green Gardener Training Package and Implementation Binder is a joint effort of the City and County of Santa Barbara and Ecology Action of Santa Cruz through funding from the California State Water Resources Control Board.

The Training Package contains complete curriculum for a 20-hour standard level and a 20-hour advanced level Green Gardener course. The package includes detailed instructor notes, PowerPoint slides which may be used as overhead transparencies, and handouts. Each course includes classroom-based interactive discussions, diverse field-based exercises, and optional homework. The standard level curriculum was drafted to enable an instructor with limited experience to successfully lead the class. The advanced level curriculum provides greater opportunity for local expert instruction.

The training package was authored by Phil Boise of Urban-Ag Ecology Consulting Services, with the collaboration of previous class instructors.

Why Implement a Green Gardener Program?

Many communities promote resource conservation and pollution prevention training. The Green Gardener package is a comprehensive, tested, and cost effective program that may result in multiple benefits for your region.
  • Environmental Benefits: The curriculum promotes water conservation, reduction of urban runoff and the pollutants that may be carried with it, reduction of solid waste, and improved sustainability of urban landscapes.
  • Market and Social Incentives: The program provides unique vocational training to populations that are commonly underserved, most notably the Spanish language community. It also promotes economic durability, encouraging lasting skills and market demands that will outlive the program.
  • Public Outreach Mandates: A Green Gardener program in your community may help to satisfy public outreach elements of legislative or administrative mandates, such as the Federal Clean Water Act (NPDES), local Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or pollution prevention policies, greenwaste reduction obligations, or water conservation requirements.

Green Gardener Training Package and Implementation Binder Available Free

Limited hard copies of the Green Gardener Training Package and Implementation Binder are available for free to interested agencies, after which the material will be available by compact disc. For information please contact:

Kurt Hurley, Program Manager, Ecology Action: (831) 426-5925 ext. 108

Alison Jordan, Water Conservation Coordinator, City of Santa Barbara: (805) 564-5574

Ecology Action

Ecology Action is a nonprofit environmental consultancy delivering cutting edge education services, technical assistance, and program implementation for initiatives that assist individuals, business and government to maximize environmental quality and community well being.

Urban / Ag Ecology

GreenCare for Children: Urban-Ag Ecology
Phil Boise
Consulting Services
Gaviota, CA 93117

Guidebook A green landscaping materials and techniques guidebook for schools, parks, childcare providers and environmental managers.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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