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California Environmental Quality Control Act (CEQA) Toolbox

CEQA requirements for solid waste compliance and regulation by CIWMB and local lead agencies.

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CEQA and the CIWMB

The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB or Board) operates in cooperation with local government to assure protection of the public health, safety, and the environment from the potentially detrimental effects of improper solid waste management (and solid waste facilities permits (SWFPs). As a lead or responsible agency, as defined in CEQA, the Board complies with both the procedural and substantive requirements of CEQA.

The CEQA seeks to accomplish the following five major objectives using the procedures indicated below:

Disclose Environmental Impacts

    This is accomplished by the preparation of the following types of CEQA documents:
  • Initial studies
  • Negative declarations
  • Environmental impact reports

Prevent or Reduce Environmental Damage

If potential adverse environmental impacts are identified, the CEQA process next attempts to identify ways to prevent or reduce these impacts by requiring consideration of feasible project alternatives or the adoption of mitigation measures for project impacts that cannot be avoided along with appropriate mitigation monitoring.

Disclose Agency Decisions

  • Findings
  • Statement of overriding consideration

Promote Interagency Coordination

  • Early consultation
  • Scoping meetings
  • Notice of preparation (NOP)
  • State Clearinghouse review

Encourage Public Participation

  • Scoping meetings
  • Receipt of public notice
  • Response to comments
  • Legal enforcement procedures
  • Citizen access to the courts
For a project subject to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), State law requires evidence of compliance with the CEQA, either through the preparation, circulation, and adoption/certification of an environmental document; or by determining that the proposal is categorically or statutorily exempt prior to project approval. This web is a resource for local enforcement agencies and solid waste facility operators in navigating the CEQA process.

CEQA Toolbox

The CEQA Index of topics...very helpful

Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Central Directory

This toolbox includes information on:

  • CEQA Overview
  • Lead Agency Consultation
  • CEQA Exemptions
  • Environmental Documents
  • CEQA Document and Permit Consistency
  • Changes, Documentation, and Addendums
  • Top 10 CEQA Problems

Top Ten CEQA Problems

The 10 problems that may occur during the CEQA process are:

1. The lead agency did not contact all responsible agencies.
2. Early and/or complete consultation with responsible agencies.
3. Project changes after review period ends and prior to approval of the project.
4. The lead agency did not directly prepare an environmental document or review the prepared document for their approval prior to circulating it for public review.
5. Lead agency did not circulate the document through the State Clearinghouse.
6. Misuse of exemptions
7. Responsible agency comments may conflict with those of other agencies.
8. Lead agency did not provide notice of the availability of the environmental document for public review or did not notice the date when the project approval will be considered.
9. Lead agency did not consider comments from responsible agencies.
10. Lead agency did not file a notice of determination (NOD) with the county clerk and/or State Clearinghouse.

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