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October 2007 California Green Solutions Newsletter

NEWSLETTER for October 2007 featuring pressure washing for cleaner operations, retentions walls to reduce runoff and article headlines

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OCTOBER 3, 2007

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Water, water everywhere...but not a drop to drink!

Water is looming as the issue of the coming decade. Fresh water management as well as the health of our oceans that produce food for much of the underdeveloped countries -- and our own tourism industry -- as well as the habitat for phytoplankton that produces our oxygen. It all matters. This newsletter covers some of the solutions you can use to protect the quality and quantity of water borrowed from our common supplies. If you know of additional water solutions, please share them with us. Now is the time to gear up for smart water management and green companies can grow more sustainably by making water sustainability a priority. soil retention for runoff water prevention

Soil Retention with
Plantable Driveways and Walls

Soil Retention Systems produces vertical sustainable retaining wall applications and "drivable grass", a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system that increases on-site water storage and minimized water runoff. [Read about the solution here]
Parker West dirty waste water from pressure washing Parker West clean waste water from pressure washing

Pressure Washing
Pollution Dangers
and How to Solve Them

Pressure washers generate approximately 10,000-20,000 gallons of wastewater for every 100,000-150,000 square feet of surface being cleaned. But Dirty Water can be coaxed into good behavior! [Read about the solution here]

GREENLINES: California's B2B Headlines This Week

southern california green business

WATER is Southern California's #1 Green Issue.

Please read this article.

Accelerating Arctic Melting - Weather Change is Here!

"We're not going to have enough water for what we're doing. Nobody's facing up to it." [Read more]

We will be highlighting the greatest WATER SAVING SOLUTIONS we can find -- please let us know which ones have proven best for your applications. Email

Save Energy by Saving Water
A water audit generates a detailed report listing site-specific recommendations that save both water and energy [Read more]


Save Citrus Farming in Orange County -- Save Green & Tasty
Most of Southern California's citrus groves will disappear by the end of this decade unless action is taken - Inland Orange Conservancy innovates a tasty solution. [Read more]

Degree Days Model to Manage Pests - IPM
Online calculator IPM Integrated Pest Management tool to manage pests by weather for organic and sustainable agriculture [Read more]


California Resource Recovery Association promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, P2 and composting
California Resource Recovery Association promotes waste reduction, reuse, recycling, P2 and composting [Read more]

Reusable Containers to Drive Rigid Packaging Demand
Larger, high-value, reusable containers will drive demand for rigid packaging... [Read more]

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Em-Powering Schools with Alternative & Multi-Purposes
Schools provide new opportunities for power generation, water conservation, habitat...and localism. [Read more]

NATURAL HEROES is PBS Environmental Indie Series
"Natural Heroes" is the first national television series of independent films on the environment. [Read more]


World Cafe: Open Discussion on Climate Change
San Diego, Oct 23-25

Western U.S. Pollution Prevention Conference hosts World Cafe: Open Discussion on Climate Change [Read more]


National Sustainable Agriculture Standards to be Launched This Fall
Environmental, socioeconomic, and product quality issues applicable to all agricultural crops marketed in the U.S. [Read more]

Teaching Environmental Economics for Action
Montana offers leading edge environmental economics retreats and conferences at the PERC center [Read more]

Green California by DGS
Green California is the state's website for sustainable and green news and information for use by cities, counties and state departments [Read more]

kWickview Energy Efficiency Analysis Tool from SDG&E/Sempra
kWickview online energy monitoring tool provides details about the elecricity your business is using and more. [Read more]

Cool Roof Energy Efficiency Calculator
Cool Roof Energy Efficiency Calculator [Read more]


Organic Light-emitting Diode for TV, Electronic Paper
Organic Light-emitting Diode has application for TV, Electronic Paper and other illumination and monitor applications. [Read more]

reDiscover Center Open House - Recycled Art Demonstrations, Low Cost Materials
Los Angeles, Oct 20

reDiscover Center to Host Open House for Educators and supporters on Oct.20 [Read more]

Corporate Solutions Announced at Clinton Global Initiative
Clinton Global Initiative commitments for 2007 cover Education, Energy & Climate change, Global Health, Poverty Alleviation [Read more]

Tell Your Green Story with Visual Impact - Scientific Illustration
Scientific illustration enhances understanding of green and sustainable concepts and marketing messages [Read more]


Reduce Driving and Reduce Global Warming - New Report by Urban Land Institute
Reduce Driving and Reduce Global Warming - New Report by Urban Land Institute [Read more]

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