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Google Site-Targeted and CalGreen Site-Wide Advertising

Target your advertising using Google Site Targeting and California Green Solutions' Site-Wide advertising

Find green business solutions
Communications and green marketing for sustainable business

California Green Solutions is a green and sustainable media & information company that connects businesses with high efficiency, low impact solutions.

We provide the following options for advertising and lead generation:

Google AdWords for

We currently use Google advertising options to place contextual ads across our website, driven by keyword searches.

GOOGLE Adwords advertising is placed on our website by Google when your selected keywords match a page of content on our website. Since we cover the gamut of green business solutions, your keywords about green, sustainable and California business have a high probability of being seen on appropriate pages.

To make sure your ads appear on you might want to use Google's "Placement Targeting" feature in Adwords.

Google Placement Targeting Adwords

Google Placement Targeting for our websites ensure that your ads will appear on our website, and on appropriate pages based on your keywords and phrases.'s robust editorial pages (more than 2,000 green solution articles for California) are optimized for search engine results and we appear on the first pages of Google for more than 300 keywords and phrases. A few examples include:

  • California green solutions
  • green manufacturing solutions
  • sustainable landscaping California
  • sustainable landscaping Los Angeles
  • California green lighting solutions
  • green transportation solutions
  • California water efficiency solutions
  • ...and hundreds more!

Instructions for using Google to target your ads to our 30,000/monthly (@400,000/annually) California business and municipality readers is below.

Review Google's Placement Selection tutorials to refine your ad placement on or our sister website for consumers:

Your support with advertising and passing the word about this California-specific business resource will grow it organically -- and how green is that!

Lead Generation with Advertorial Pages and Inquiry Form is the ONLY targeted, business media website (and email newsletter) addressing local and statewide corporate and community solutions to meet environmental compliance AND opportunities to position yourself in the new green market economy's opportunities.

Text Link Ads

You can buy Ad Links on our "Home Pages" through Our platform websites available through the Text Link network include:
  • (for green business solutions)
  • (for consumer green, nature and sustainability)
  • (for green marketing)
  • (for nature related media)
  • Special TextLink ads offer:

BizDev Referral Program

We frequently receive phone calls and emails requesting company sources for green products and services. We also exhibit at conferences and trade shows and can connect green solution providers with those seeking a direct connection. We provide these connections first to our Advertorial and Sponsor supporters, and then to any quality service we know about. We balance the needs of our readers and our supporters as fairly as we can.

Matter Network Serves Display Ads for

You can call Matter Networks: Wendy Timmons, Vice President of Sales to place ads on our website as well as a wider network of green and sustainable media. Be sure to tell Wendy we asked you to call -- you'll help us with a bit of referral income, as well. Matter Network
Wendy Timmons

Sustain Lane Serves Display Ads for

You can place ads on our consumer website through the green and sustainable advertising network,

About Our Editorial and Marketing Services

Additional integrated marketing impact is available with custom sales seminars, search-engine optimization, targeted direct mail campaigns, etc.

Keyword Marketing Reaches Our Readers

Every website has a sweet spot, a "theme" for which search engine traffic finds what they want to read. Our websites provide our advertisers with very "green business" and "California" themes. The real benefit to linking with our readers is that we attract business readers -- decision makers who are searching for solutions. And they find green, sustainable solution articles that direct them to practical solutions.

Our readers like good choices! We place contextual ads in key positions for high visibility for the readers' convenience...and supplier results. And we take pride in making productive connections to help green our world, one solution at a time! helps you reach California-based companies and communities who are looking for green solutions such as:

  • Green building suppliers and materials to reduce toxics, reduce energy and improve workspace
  • Building operations services such as green cleaning materials and services
  • Green transportation suppliers to reduce fuel use and improve driver safety
  • Landscaping that reduces water use, uses green chemicals or organic techniques
  • Green and Environmental Consultants to help you with planning, strategy or technical implementation

Your Support Builds Green Success!

Making your products available through this targeted California green business media platform helps develop the marketing infrastructure for YOUR green supply chain -- making it easier for your prospects to find all the green products and services they need.

People want to do the right thing for their company, their community and their future...and they want to find specialized products and services at the right time, and the right price.

We help you get the word to the decision makers who are DETERMINED to go green...and the next group who are TRYING but struggling...and the majority of buyers who are coming on-stream day by day.

Your support of California's specialized green business media is an investment in regional green solutions. We focus on solutions and we keep it affordable for you as you grow into this new green economy.

Call Carolyn Allen, publisher, to discuss your green PR, Lead Generation and Advertising strategy:

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