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green business footprint for California sustainable environment Congratulations on taking a first step...another first step!

Everyone is at least a little bit green, and conscientious leaders are already greener than they realize. GREEN is about a way of thinking about everything ... we used to call it good stewardship and being frugal and being a good citizen. Those ways of thinking were downplayed somewhere along the line -- maybe in the me-decades and the I-decade and the globalization frenzy. But it's back because our bad behavior has caught up with us. All of us.

Green is a work in progress -- no one is 100% green. No one I've met is 100% ... whatever is opposite. We all leave a footprint because we eat and breathe and leave waste behind our activities. But we also invest in our families and communities and maybe garden or pick up trash unceremoniously, or serve on community boards. We try to make a difference.

Making a green difference...or a sustainable difference is more targeted to the specific problems of today. Global climate change that is being rapidly intensified by the use of fossil fuels, chemicals, and paving the natural systems with cement.

One simple way to look at sustainability is the concept of "People, Planet and Profit." This simple equation holds the essence of our goal, if not the robustness of the task at hand. Wordsmithed by Bill McDonough, an architect, designer, and author known for his work in sustainability and the slogan, "People, Planet and Profit" which recognizes that business is about more than profits -- which has been loudly touted by Wall Street types.

It's about people -- our selves and our families, our employees, our customers, our neighbors and even the people on the other side of the globe.

It's about planet -- our fragile, closed-system home. This shared spaceship is all that protects us from the vastness of space.

And it's about profit -- our productivity as a society in this closed, natural system.

Business grew out of our ancient agrarian and merchant inventions to better feed and clothe our families. It's just become as invasive as a weed -- which is a wildflower planted in the wrong place and left to grow without controls!

The book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins tells the statistical story of how companies can be flashes in the pan, or great, long lasting stalwarts of society. These great companies follow several stages and shared strategies. I find them very compatible with developing a sustainable company within a sustainable community.

hedgehog good to great concept Collins, too, has three tenets that simplify his system. a great company has a simple core concept, a "hedgehog concept" that is its heart.

  • Choosing something you can be the best in the world at
  • Make sure it is something you are deeply passionate about
  • Develop an economic engine
This isn't easy. It's more about hard work and long years of innovation and toil than about charisma and luck.

That's how nature works. Long years of consistent, hard work with passion for generational renewal and sharing bounty with one's neighbors. It's a sustainable system.

This "good to great" system will be meshed up with some other systems of thinking in this "Easy First Steps" section to help you get a handle on you GOAL, your COMMITMENT, and your ECONOMIC ENGINE.

We hope you enjoy the journey of sustainable business as much as we do...and that we can learn together!

For a little fun, discover the real hedgehog.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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