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Creating the Sustainable Enterprise for Shareholder Value

Sustainability-driven enterprise to improve financial, environmental and social performance (People, Planet and Profit)

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Driving shareholder value through enterprise sustainability

Sustainability is rapidly becoming a critical business strategy, driven by a convergence of factors such as
  • increasing regulation,
  • changing customer expectations,
  • competitor and technology advances,
  • value chain partner requirements,
  • brand equity protection and
  • global risk management.

Companies undertake sustainability-driven enterprise transformation efforts to improve financial, environmental and social performance (People, Planet and Profit). Sustainability, approached the right way, can be a significant driver of enterprise value, and generate economic value that evolves from an environmental specialty to a mainstream growth engine.

Leading companies have begun driving improved shareholder value by broadening the definition of "sustainable enterprise" and by executing "green" practices where doing so delivers positive returns.

In this point of view, "Creating the Wholly Sustainable Enterprise,” Chris Park, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Tim Hanley, vice chairman and U.S. Process & Industrial Products leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP, explain the five major platforms where sustainability principles can be applied to transform the enterprise for value, including:

  • The Green Products/Services Portfolio
  • The Green Work Force
  • The Green Workplace
  • The Green Function/Process Model
  • The Green Management and Governance Principles
These platforms represent a fundamental change in the strategy and composition of the company, but the changes themselves are incremental and, hence, executable.

The definition of "green" is evolving with a new set of core principles:

  • Waste is reduced, eliminated, or reused.
  • Net consumption of resource (capital, human or natural) for a specific product or service outcome is reduced.
  • Consumed resource is partially or completely replaced.
  • The ratios of natural-to-man-made and organic-to-synthetic are increased.
  • The net global impact footprint (GIF) is reduced.
To learn more, download the Deloitte point of view from the September edition of Managing Automation magazine.

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