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Education Reform is a Sustainability Priority for 2008

California's governor has deemed 2008 the "Year of Education Reform"

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apple and crossection "Getting Down to Facts" Key findings:

California students are 44th in the nation in 8th grade math scores and 49th in reading scores! California is also within top 10 "nations" in the world in economic success. Will our children participate in that vibrant economy? That's motivation.

  • We need modernized data and evaluation systems.
  • Teachers, principals and managers need access to good information.
  • Education system needs financial and productivity overhaul.
  • Districts are currently not treated in coherent matter for funding.
  • Education Code consists of 500 chapters, with 1250 articles that have additional subarticles -- a regulatory Gordian knot!
  • Teacher workforce policies are disconnected from classroom realities.
  • Everyone lacks the information needed to make education decisions -- administrators, parents and policymakers.
Green business relies on qualified science and math participants, as well as a host of human and cultural specialties. Education is a critical part of greening California's businesses, and a campaign for solutions has begun with the California School Finance forum.

On October 19, 2007, EdSource hosted an unprecedented day-long forum for the presentation and sharing of research-based education policy options submitted by a broad and diverse range of K-12 organization and opinion leaders in California.

Much recent research, including the "Getting Down to Facts" studies overseen by Stanford University, have identified factors across the state that hinder school success and ultimately, student outcomes. Because the governor has deemed 2008 the "Year of Education Reform," the Convening aimed to stimulate dialogue about these factors in order to increase understanding and facilitate the work of policymakers developing comprehensive, meaningful, research-based policy reforms.

The over 350 attendees included top-level business and civic leaders, researchers, education professionals, community and reform advocates, and state officials. The Convening focused on research-based policy options related to: education governance, school finance, personnel and leadership, and education data systems.

The 47 ground-breaking policy briefs submitted for this Convening are now available on the EdSource California School Finance website.

VIDEO of the news conference is online at California Education

The briefs will be searchable by keyword and downloadable individually.

Topics include:

Efficiency and Effectiveness Studies

The Evolution of California's State School Finance System and Implications from Other States. Michael Kirst.

Understanding the Incentives in California’s Education Finance System. William Duncombe and John Yinger.

District Dollars: Painting a Picture of Revenues and Expenditures in California’s School Districts. Susanna Loeb, Jason Grissom, and Katharine Strunk.

School District Financial Management: Personnel, Policies, and Practices. Mary Perry, Robert Miyashiro, et al. See full report of this study on EdSource Online

Leadership Development in California. Linda Darling-Hammond and Stelios Orphanos.

Schools, Resources, and Efficiency. Maria Perez, Tom Parrish, et al. (Includes two report summaries: Successful California Schools in the Context of Educational Adequacy and Charter Schools in California: A Review of Their Autonomy and Resource Allocation Practices.)

Principal Resources: Acquisition, Deployment, and Barriers. Bruce Fuller, Susanna Loeb, et al.

A Review of State Teacher Policies: What Are They, What Are Their Effects, and What Are Their Implications for School Finance? Susanna Loeb and Luke C. Miller.

Curbing or Facilitating Inequality? Law, Collective Bargaining, and Teacher Assignment Among Schools in California. William Koski and Eileen Horng.

Evaluating the “Crazy Quilt”: Educational Governance in California. Dominic Brewer and Joanna Smith.

Financing School Facilities in California. Eric J. Brunner.

Do Nonschool Resources Substitute for School Resources? A Review of the Evidence. Thomas Downes.

Costing-out Studies

Assessing the Costs of K-12 Education in California Public Schools. Jennifer Imazeki.

Efficiency and Adequacy in California School Finance: A Professional Judgment Approach. Jay Chambers, Jesse Levin, and Danielle DeLancey.

Aligning School Finance with Academic Standards: A Weighted Student Formula Based on a Survey of Practitioners. Jon Sonstelie.

Considering Special Education Adequacy in California. Jenifer Harr, Tom Parrish, et al.

Resource Needs for California’s English Learners. Patricia Gándara and Russell W. Rumberger.

Teacher Compensation and Local Labor Market Conditions in California: Implications for School Funding. Heather Rose and Ria Sengupta.

California's State and Local Education Data Systems. Janet S. Hansen and Springboard Schools. (Includes two report summaries: Education Data in California: Availability and Transparency and Bringing the State and Locals Together: Developing Effective Data Systems in California School Districts.)

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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