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alternative transportation for light vehicles cars trucks Vehicle manufacturers are making progress on fuel conservation and emissions controls...but what about all those cars already on the road? Aftermarket retrofits can help with your current vehicles. Whether it is going biodiesel with your diesel-based vehicles, or converting to electric...or just retrofitting with lighter weight materials...very gallon saved takes emissions out of the air, puts a jingle back into your pocket and makes our air more breathable! And that saves doctor bills. Everything is connected.

Local "greener" retrofits -- no oil burning vehicle can be considered really green, but greener is better than gray! -- can be developed by local auto repair shops to keep your dollars in your own community (thriving local communities are also part of going-green)...and they can make use of local used parts, local materials...and spread the word that greener is just downright smarter!

Galpin Auto Sports

Galpin Auto Sports claims to have started the 4x4 off-road craze -- so I'm not sure how green they think...but they recently modified a Ford pick-up with an experimental engine that runs on bio-diesel and hydrogen, emitting only water vapors. "We're trying to do the right thing for the environment," Galpin president Beau Boeckman told AFP.

"The whole point of what we do is: you don't have to give up performance to be environmental. It shouldn't be a sacrifice, it should work together."

Unfortunately, when car meets earth...somebody sacrifices and it doesn't appear to be the vehicle or the driver!

West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs (WCC), which routinely modifies cars at the behest of sports stars and celebrities is getting into makeovers for Toyota Priuses.

"The green car is starting to make a big effect on the car world, which has a big effect in our aftermarket world," said Ryan Friedlinghaus, chief of WCC. "The younger generation looks at the Prius and says, 'I wouldn't drive that'."

WCC's modifications improved the Prius' aerodynamics and lightened the car by 100 pounds (45 kilos), Friedlinghaus said.

"Street Customs" is TLC's newest reality show (debuting October 2007) featuring Estella Warren and the customized vehicles by West Coast customs artisans and technicians.

The West Coast Customs shop in Corona, CA is the site for producing the Street Customs reality show produced by Ryan Friedlinghaus and Craig Pitigian - Pilgrim Films and Television.

Gallery website for West Coast Customs

Get past the glitz for a little corporate information at West Coast Customs Corporate Site

Galpin Auto Sports
15600 Roscoe Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91406

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