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Green Job Initiatives

Green jobs to design, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain a host of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

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green chemistry Creating green jobs must be a key objective of efforts to address climate change. What we DO EVERYDAY affects our environment!

Green jobs include design, manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintainance of a host of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

Green Jobs in Clean Energy Technology

Investments in energy efficiency, clean energy technology, and in renewable energy have enormous potential to create productive and decent work.

Green Jobs initiatives are based on two fundamental premises:

ONE, that workers and employers must change the way they use and conserve natural resources and seek to create new patterns of production, consumption, and employment;

TWO, that there is significant opportunity to create viable new jobs through policies designed to reduce emissions.

Green Jobs in Energy Efficiency

In the United States, for example, there is strong evidence that investments in energy efficiency can boost the economy and create new, permanent jobs. At a recent Senate hearing on “Green Jobs Created by Global Warming Initiatives,” Donald Gilligan, president of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), cited estimates that improvements in energy efficiency alone have met over 50 percent of the increase in U.S. energy demand since 1980.

Much of this improvement has resulted from mandates and guidance provided by Congress and by state and federal agencies, including funding for technological innovation programs and the adoption of new rules promoting performance-based energy service contracting, appliance and equipment standards, and revised building codes.

In a recent survey, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimated that energy service companies provide about $4 billion in annual energy-efficiency investment nationwide, 25 to 30 percent of which is spent on labor to design, install, operate, and maintain comprehensive energy-efficiency projects in a wide range of building sectors.

Green Job Estimates

Meanwhile, a 2006 analysis from the University of Tennessee calculates that energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies could create up to 5 million new jobs by 2025, while also making a significant contribution to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing U.S. energy security.

To realize this level of employment, workers would need to be trained to design, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain a host of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

On an international scale, at the September 2007 UN meeting on climate change in September, Secretary-General Ban observed that, “by being creative, we can reduce emissions while promoting economic growth.” Green jobs would be key to this effort, he suggested, noting that, “This is our opportunity to advance sustainable development; encourage new kinds of cleaner technologies, industries and jobs; and integrate climate change risks into national policies and practices.”


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