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Consultants Consortium - Biz Dev Program Description

Consultants Consortium program description for biz dev of green and sustainable consulting services

Find green business solutions
Consultants provide very important links between science, education, industries and even companies. The green and sustainable initiative is about change...and change requires a broad vision. That's what consultants bring to their clients.

Connecting the right green or sustainability consultant with each company or community that is planning and implementing green changes is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. So many variables!

That's why we provide this Consultants Consortium. We sort. We sift. We connect. And we help you become more visible in the California marketplace.

How Green Consultants Benefit

Visibility. First and foremost comes visibility to build direct connections. We stimulate phone calls. We strengthen the networking and referral process. You build your professional community and are "there" when they need someone with your capabilities.

Biz Dev. Be seen. Be heard. Get acquainted. Make deals. We provide the platform for qualified professionals to get acquainted with a diverse community of environmental professionals providing consulting, biz dev, technical and professional services.

Knowledge. Tap the collective knowledge of America's leading green and sustainability consultant and company leaders. We're building the watering hole for refreshing your knowledge in this dynamic field.

Diz Dev. Network with companies needing your services for larger contract opportunities, or joint ventures.

Support. Self employed professionals need structure to be their best. We provide cooperative opportunities for developing a network for mutual support.

How You Participate

Our members can participate in the following ways. We suggest you take them step by step with a "ready, fire, aim" approach. Get into the flow, then refine your marketing strategy to meet the fast-changing green marketplace. We'll help you keep pace!

Consultant Profile

Complete your online profile so prospects can contact you directly. Your information helps them identify your "sweet spot" -- what you're best at so they will be tickled with your performance...and hire you again and again.

Solution Article(s)

Consult with our Editor to identify the best "solution topics" for your marketing efforts. These 600-800 word "mini case studies" and solution articles position you as an experienced, knowledgeable, connected team member. And they include full contact information so prospects can contact you directly, easily, and when they need someone just like you! Our search-engine optimized content frequently hits the first page of Google searches for green business solutions. Our SEO editing process helps optimize your search engine visibility!

Quotes and Anecdotes

Again, consult with our Editor to comment on 10 articles in our robust on-line website -- over 3000 articles and growing! Craft case studies, anecdotes and Q&A quotes that can be added to the articles by our editor. We will LINK to your Consultants Consortium profile to maximize your visibility!

Link to California Green Solutions

Put a link on your website to your article and profile on California Green Solutions. Your link helps get your articles higher on Google search pages! Give us a short list of the most important keywords that people use to search for your services. We'll work those into your articles and profile to optimize your Google visibility.

NEXT: We feature you in the monthly newsletter!

When you have completed those high-visibility steps, you're ready for newsletter exposure...and we tell your story to our 6,000 and growing newsletter subscribers.

Promote your California Green Solutions articles

Before your newsletter article comes out...e-mail all your contacts about your article and profile. Bring them to the website, help them subscribe to the newsletter and you will get MORE IMPRESSIONS! Extra traffic strengthens your professional brand because of the great company you are keeping!

Submit "Green Solution Award" Nominees

Pass the kudos along. We provide visibility for your successful clients who want California to know they are green. Just write a brief overview of your nominee and we will pass the kudos along to them! Stories inspire and give people courage to take the next step when they see that someone else has succeeded at something similar. This is how we'll green California!

Publicize Your Events to Our Readers

Submit your events to our events partner for amazing outreach! Not only are your Google-friendly listings seen by the public, but Master Calendars such as we place on our websites also spread the word about your "Green/Sustainable" events. Online event registration is also easy with

Start a Local Networking Event for Consultants, Business Leaders and Green Prospects in Your Community

Our network members' local events will be coordinated, cross-promoted, and provided with speaker support! Networking is what builds green communities...and we'll help you launch your group.

Speakers Bureau and Cooperative Events

Want to sharpen your speaking? Ready for larger venues? We'll promote your Profile to groups looking for excellent regional green/sustainable speakers. We'll coordinate members who want to put on their own cooperative seminars, and we'll help you promote these outreach events!

How to Join the Consultants Consortium

California Green Solutions' marketing strategies are available to California consultants and service providers who meet our definition of "green/sustainable business" professionals.

We have two levels of members: Basic and Senior.

  • BASIC members have less than TWO years of professional, consulting experience and limited professionals credentials. We provide additional educational support and encouragement to develop their green awareness and professional connections. Some services are supervised or offered to Senior members before
  • SENIOR members have at least TWO years of GREEN/SUSTAINABLE experience and professional credentials in the field. They have access to all services offered by California Green Solutions' "Consultants HUB" programs.

Green is in the News Everywhere...

...but the reality is that "Green Business" is just sporadic and still takes a lot of prospect education.

We help California businesses find and access your specialized services... and to find the right consultants for their needs.

If you want local, regional, statewide (and even some national) business connections, this is the biz dev program designed to deliver sales and marketing results for your professional services.

Call Carolyn Allen if you have questions about the program.

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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