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November, 2007 CGS Newsletter

Links to news and resources for green business operations, building, transportation and innovation.

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GreenLines From The Editor

PLANNING -- 2007's path is swiftly falling behind us and you're probably planning for 2008 (and beyond). The challenges are bigger and your work to change the way we live and work has never been more vital. We're glad to report that going green is getting easier! We scout for practical green operations solutions and connect you to these local resources.

GREEN BIZ NEWS -- California Green Solutions brings you news stories DAILY that provide you with the multi-disciplinary (yes, we know that's the hard part) information you need to reduce your risk, your costs, and your carbon footprint. And we focus on navigating the business climate of the new green economy in California and around the globe. We connect California businesses who provide climate change solutions with those who need them. Locally and statewide. We're the ONLY regional, green news media for California businesses.

FINDING SOLUTIONS -- We are growing with you...and I'm excited to introduce an expanded consultants program that will help companies find the RIGHT experts right in their own backyard. The "Green Consultants HUB" is launching in January 2008. We are building a diverse team of California consultants who deliver specialized green and sustainable solutions to our readers across California. We will feature the program features and benefits in next month's newsletter.

CONSULTANTS -- If you are a California-based consultant and are interested in participating in this specialized, regional marketing support program, contact us for details. We're accepting a limited number of enthusiastic consultants into our beta program. Call me if you're a green/sustainable or environmental consultant and would like to be considered for the pilot project.

Carolyn Allen, Publisher:

green globe with glasses

United Nations IPCC Report Points to Global Warming Adaptations and Solutions

The United Nations has a global view like no other. This report by the IPCC is lengthy, but an important read for decision makers in business and public sectors. It has been touted as a "blunt and alarming report"...but I found it even-handed and filled with practical approaches to address remediation of current carbon practices. No details, of course...but a comprehensive overview of strategies. I've listed those SOLUTIONS at the end of this summary of key points from the document.

The UN global reality check and suggestions make a great skeleton and discussion guide for your year-end strategic planning to meet 2010 and 2030 sustainable operations goals!

A link at the bottom will take you to the Summary PDF for further reading. Read the rest of this earthy report.


How Journalists Use Media To Find Stories and Information
Not surprisingly, all journalists surveyed (100 percent) say they rely on the Internet to help get their job done. [Read more]

Sustainable Humor In The Workplace! :-)
Humor in the workplace overcomes stress and cultural barriers [Read more]

Cool Globes Art Project
Take a breather...enjoy an art project that provides therapeutic reconnections to Mother Earth [Read more]


2007 list of top green building products by Building Green
The 2007 Top-10 Green Building Products [Read more]

Save Water and Preserve Fresh Water Quality with these Low-Cost Green Building/Landscaping Solutions
Surround your green building with green landscaping that protects our water supply [Read more]

NSF 140-2007, Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard
NSF International launches sustainable carpet certification and standards for commercial carpet. [Read more]

Aerosol Coatings and Spray Paint VOCs Reduction
EPA rule reduces VOCs in coatings for architectural applications. [Read more]

Smart Controllers Save Irrigation Costs, Water and Plants
Irrigation Smart Controllers Are Smarter Than You Know [Read more]

Cleaning Industry Climate Initiative certification to improve sustainable operations
Cleaning Industry Climate Initiative certification to improve sustainable operations [Read more]

LED Lighting Is Here and Reduces Operating Costs
LED lighting saves energy, heat and maintenance for green operations [Read more]

HERS Home Energy Rating System Index
HERS Home Energy Rating System helps homebuilders and homeowners reduce energy use to meet Energy Star performance [Read more]

Bulk Purchase of Energy Star Equipment and Supplies With Energy Star Quantity Quotes
Suppliers and Purchasers of Energy Star products now have an on line bulk purchase exhange site. [Read more]

Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) Web Academy - ONLINE
Issues, projects, and practices for creating successful waste management programs - online web education [Read more]


Cities Band Together to Meet Kyoto Emissions Reduction Goals
City mayors provide online resources to help communities reduce greenhouse gas [Read more]

Biodiversity Will Be Won in Cities
Cities occupy 2% of the planet surface, but absorb 75% of the world's natural resources [Read more]

Urban biodiversity, urban ecology and urban sustainable environment
Community awareness and planning affect local biodiversity and the air, water and food we depend on. [Read more]

Sustainable Appllicatons of Concrete for Cool Communities
Heat island effect is reduced with light surfaces such as concrete [Read more]

Emergency Preparedness Organizational Tool Helps Manage Chaos in Disaster
Do you have identification, medical, insurance, mortgage or other important records ready for disaster access? [Read more]

SME Small and Medium Enterprises are Heart of Healthy Communities
The key to poverty alleviation is economic growth that is inclusive and reaches the majority of people. [Read more]


Energy RESNET Building Performance Conference
San Diego, Feb 18-20, 2008

RESNET Building Performance Conference is the premier national forum on home energy ratings, residential energy efficiency financing, and building performance business development. [Read more]

Microbes Churn Out Hydrogen at Record Rate
Bacteria from wastewater produce abundant, clean hydrogen from cellulose [Read more]

Carbon Emissions from Regional Power Plants - CARMA
Electricity from power plants are major polluters. Get the facts in your city, state, nation. [Read more]


Agriculture, Water and Energy -- California's Three-Legged Stool
Farm water isn't simply a pond or river. It's management of a complex ecosystem. [Read more]

Green Homes Are Hitting the Mainstream with LEED for Homes
LEED for Homes will raise the bar with consumer education and builder strategies to reduce energy, conserve water and reduce pollution [Read more]

The Green Home Guide Details Green Solutions for Owners and Developers
Checklists for new green homes, renovating an existing home and retrofitting [Read more]

California Green Innovation Index Core Findings
Clean tech and green innovation put California in the forefront of global climate change progress [Read more]

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venture Captial for Clean Tech
Kleiner Perkins adds Al Gore to guide their global clean tech investments [Read more]


CA 2025 - Planning California's Infrastructure for the Future
California's growth and changes for 2025 offers planning tips and strategies [Read more]

Cooperative Business Offers Community Options
In California, more than 10 million people belong to cooperatives. [Read more]

Green Job Initiatives
Green jobs to design, manufacture, install, operate, and maintain a host of innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. [Read more]


Update on 2007 Wildfire Impacts on San Diego's Habitats
San Diego, Nov 13

Learn about San Diego wildfire impacts to species, habitats, and places; recovery efforts; monitoring and education needs. [Read more]

Climate Change Could Diminish Drinking Water and Aquifers More than Expected
As sea levels rise, coastal communities could lose up to 50 percent more of their fresh water supplies than previously thought [Read more]

NOAA's 10-Year Marine Aquaculture Plan
Aquaculture is the fastest growing form of food production in the world. [Read more]

LED Grow Lights
LED grow lights are emerging [Read more]

Value-Added Agriculture Benefits Cities and Business
Regional agriculture can be fun, informative and a life saver! [Read more]

The ROI of Organic Food and Agriculture
Organic agriculture is about a functional system that regenerates the living and the environment [Read more]

California Caviar and Sturgeon Farming
California caviar is a growing business due to United Nations action to protect wild sturgeon [Read more]

California Council of Land Trusts Adjust to Climate Change
California land trusts face stewardship and conservation activities in light of possible climate change impacts [Read more]


Custom Automotive for Greener Transportation
Green twists for the automotive aftermarket [Read more]


Consumer Holiday Trends Toward Green in 2007
Eco-friendly products and green retailers are on Santa's shopping list [Read more]

Visit Your Customers to Right Size Your Line - IKEA
Part of green marketing is knowing your customer -- throwing out misfit products just isn't green! [Read more]

Marketing California's Agritourism Businesses
People love it or hate it...and the agritourist's word is worth its weight in gold. [Read more]

California Ocean-Tourism and Travel Industry
The travel industry and associated recreation in California generates approximately $55.2 billion annually [Read more]

Narrative Marketing Is Based On Your Core Story
Foundational stories become brands' best defense against advertising blindness and marketing disconnect. [Read more]

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