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Take The Day Off! Share a Daytrip With Family or Friends

Local ecotourism is about time off and biomimicry...Wow!

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gifts that matter to the earth Need a family or friend-ly day trip over the holidays? Think about your nearby native plant gardens and nurseries.'s the dead of winter. But native gardens are never "dead"...they are resting. By visiting a garden at rest, you can pick up on the vibes of rest and relaxation...the gentle acceptance of cycles in life.

Nature has much to teach us through "biomimicry"...and biomimicry is not just for business. On the personal level we can learn about colonies of mutual support, seasons of growth, harvest, rest and even mating!

Here are a few links to lists of native gardens...but you can find the ones in your community...within day-trip distance, by searching the Web for "native garden" or "Demonstration garden" and your city, county or state.

And if you find events, maybe you'd like to help promote them. My husband has a wooooonderful event promotion tool designed for local groups at It's free to small groups, and also offers the option to accept paid reservations. I'm so proud of him!

NOTE: Be sure to call ahead, some gardens are on shorter hours during winter months.

California Native and Demonstration Garden Links

List of California Friendly Gardens
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Monterey Bay Gardens,/a>

Sacramento Valley
The Native Plant Demo Garden

Larner Seeds in Bolinas, CA
Bolinas Demonstration Garden

The Ojai Garden in Ojai, California
City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden

P.S.: Think of your day off as giving back...of supporting local ecotourism! This pleasurable outing even makes your local communities stronger when you support the "good stuff"! And you might learn something about biomimicry -- some of my best ideas come when I'm in nature!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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