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Green LA Plan - 2007: Energy & Environment

City Councilmember Jan Perry, Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee

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City Councilmember Jan Perry, Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee

As a member of the governing board of the Air Quality Management District, I feel I have unique skills to bring to the table to work with my colleagues, with the mayor, and with neighboring cities in the western region to work towards this goal of a greener and cleaner environment. And I am pleased and proud to say that each one of us has made our contribution.

In my capacity as chair and with our committee members, many of whom are here with us today, we work collectively to enhance DWP’s renewable portfolio standard, and the original goal of 20 percent is laudable, but of course we can do more. We can do more through the next iteration of the wind-tree project, and the next iteration of the power-x hydro facility. And with the Mayor, with our colleagues, I think we already have demonstrated that we understand the significance of DWP and how important the role it plays is in achieving our goals and to meet the growing demands of climate change.

Many of these policies have already been adopted by our utility and I know that we will continue to deepen and strengthen our relationship with DWP, as the Council President mentioned, and to further promote the widespread use of compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Those simple actions can make all the difference to reduce nitrous and sulfur oxide that contribute to smog—this matters. I know this matters because much of my district is in close proximity to the Harbor Freeway, and the incidence of respiratory illness, allergies, cancers, is extremely high along that corridor.

I’m also proud to announce that the ninth district will be the location of the first city building to have a green roof, something we envision as a very important part of city’s future. The ninth district Constituents Service Center will lead the way as a LEED-certified city building complete with a rooftop garden, allowing it to serve as an energy efficient facility which will absorb heat and provide air-purifying qualities. And, as one who signed on with colleagues and took the lead on supporting bills like California Assembly Bill 32, the global warming bill, I, along with my colleagues, have been dedicated to ensuring that the city and the residents of Los Angeles are always informed and on top of the issues that contribute to global warming.

This is just a fraction of what we have all been able to do together, collectively. The Mayor’s overall vision continues this good work and I know that we are all committed to seeing that the issues surrounding climate change that affect all of our constituents today and in the future are addressed aggressively, practically and proactively. We can, have, and will continue to lead by example.

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