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EPA Water Quality Trading Toolkit for Permit Writers

EPA’s Water Trading Toolkit is the first how-to manual on water quality trading.

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California water conservation in watersheds The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a guidance manual that explains how to design and implement water quality trading programs for point and nonpoint source pollution sources.

The Water Quality Trading Toolkit for Permit Writers will help the regulated community develop water quality trading programs consistent with EPA’s 2003 National Water Quality Trading Policy. This new resource will also provide stakeholders with detailed guidance on the fundamental concepts of trading, which can accelerate water quality improvement and reduce compliance costs.

EPA’s Trading Toolkit is the first how-to manual on water quality trading. This Toolkit will be useful not only for permit writers but for anyone interested in designing a trading program to improve water quality. It is part of EPA’s efforts to support and encourage innovation for water quality progress.

EPA hopes the Toolkit will help to kick-start the creation of successful water quality trading programs throughout the nation. As National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permittees become more aware of the potential benefits of water quality trading, EPA believes that they will more frequently request that permitting authorities incorporate trading provisions into their permits. Although the Toolkit primarily targets state, tribal, and EPA NPDES permitting authorities, it might also be useful to other stakeholders interested in water quality trading and the NPDES permitting process.

The Toolkit is available on EPA’s Water Quality Trading Web site at

New Water Quality Trading Program Maps on the Web

EPA recently added a new resource to its water quality trading Web site. Now, visitors can explore interactive maps showing locations and types of trading programs around the country ( With a click of the mouse, visitors can access information about state level trading programs and other trading programs that have traded at least once.

More information about water quality trading, including links to other trading resources, is available at

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