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We Are Landfilling the World’s Garbage

The green solution is to buy less, buy local, and buy higher quality that you can use for longer lifespans.

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Waste-Dependent Strategy and Economy

Think about it.

If 80% of all toys sold today in the US come from China...and toys are notorious for not lasting very long. And for coming with more packaging than toy...what happens to all this imported waste?

Since we sort and recycle only 30% of US waste -- that means that about 70% of the 80% of imports go into our landfills. And landfills aren't cheap! Or green.

The methane that seeps out of landfills make the nearby communities stinky at best, and hazardous at worst.

The solutions? Buy less -- but better toys so they last longer. Buy American made future trash :-)...and definitely recycle.

Most of our recycled paper, plastic and metal are shipped to China...did you know that? So we can send some of their waste back to them. However -- it boomarangs...right back to us in the next generation of packaging and products!

The green solution is to buy less, buy local, and buy higher quality that you can use for longer lifespans. Or rent. Share the lifespan of the product with others. It's only a Madison Avenue concept that everyone needs one of everything!

Changing a Waste-Dependent Economy

It takes vision and a system to change this waste-dependent economy. Leadership and governance that holds leaders accountable for environmental impacts will be the solution. Corporate directors can inspire a vision...and measure the corporate leadership on their results such as waste management volume and cost; recycling and by-product merchandising...and lifetime accounting costs of their product line.

Vision starts at the top. Implementation follows the policies and priorities provided by board and management leaders.

It's up to us to stop the waste and reclaim our planet as a livable habitat.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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