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Carbon Accounting Tool to Monitor and Manage Ecological and Carbon Footprint

Free FootPrinter trial that measures transport, utilities as well as some food, materials and products.

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Footprinter™ is a next generation carbon accounting tool that enables the user to better manage and monitor their organisation's ecological and carbon footprint.

With Footprinter™ you can easily measure your environmental impact, model different "what if" scenarios and generate easy to read graphical reports and charts. These can be readily incorporated into annual reports, web sites and other communications.

Footprinter™ is flexible and feature-rich - yet quick and easy to use and they offer a free trial.

Footprinter™ is an easy-to-use web-based tool that connects over the internet to Best Foot Forward's unique and comprehensive EcoIndex™ database. Each unique login is associated with its own set of footprint 'icons' tailored to your needs so you don't have to wade through lots of complicated information before calculating your footprint.

The free trial version of Footprinter™ is pre-loaded with default conversion factors for transport and utilities as well as some food, materials and products. In the full version of Footprinter™ these can be added to as required to meet your specific needs, and can include food, materials and products. For example, if you want to footprint the emissions from individual makes of car, then - no problem. Just contact Best Foot forward and we will add these to your dataset.

How Footprinter Works

  • A simple drag and drop, icon driven interface makes it easy to add and remove data.
  • Charts dynamically update in real-time as data is added, removed and changed.
  • Different scenarios can be compared side by side allowing users to experiment with alternative data and understand the true effects of different strategies.
  • Compatible with emerging National and International standards
  • Comprehensive conversion factors for Transport,Utilities, Food, Materials and Products
  • Created by Queen's Award-winning footprinting experts Best Foot Forward

Take the free trial of Footprinter here:

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