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Organic Elements is a Natural Part of Weddings and Events

Organic flowers and recycling are part of green event planning and execution

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Organic Elements Photo by Susie Linquist

"Succulent Bowl Florals" by Organic Elements is a floral arrangement is designed for the bride to hold the stem of the succulent as she would a cluster of stems with a normal bouquet. The new couple can actually take this bouquet's succulent and stick it into the ground after the big day and it will grow. Rather than artificially preserving a traditional bouquet, the living bouquet becomes a living garden that can grow alongside the marriage.
Photo by Susie Linquist
Specializing in weddings and other special events, Organic Elements has spent years innovating the art of floral design and support services for events and weddings that minimize impact on the environment.

Organic Florals, Recycled Content...and more

As Organic Elements strives to provide the beauty the earth has to offer, they also work to return earth's favor by limiting water use, recycling, composting, and participating in tree planting offset programs.

Having a name like Organic Elements makes Sharon Mintz, Head Designer especially aware of the needs of flower sourcing in the developing world. Though most of their products are still conventionally grown, the staff at Organic Elements makes a sincere attempt to reduce their impact on the environment by using electronic proposals and contacts, recycling the packaging used to protect the flowers, reusing the water initially used to store the flowers and composting the portions of the flowers not used in order to limit their negative impact on natural surroundings. They can also offer clients organic or veriflora flowers and vases made of recycled glass.

The Ten Tree Exchange -- Tree Planting Offsets

The Ten Tree Exchange currently plants offset trees in the Magdalena area of El Salvador. By adding this program to your wedding contract, you can ensure a more carbon neutral wedding. Organic Elements management feel that it's important to offset some of the carbon emissions that result from the transport of flowers, including the transport of flowers to the floral design facility and delivery to the venue. The Ten Tree Exchange will allow Organic Elements to neutralize some, if not all, of these emissions. By requesting this program to be added to a contract, clients are committing us to plant trees in your name with the program partners, Your True Nature and Trees, Water & People. Trees, Water & People is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving people's lives by helping communities conserve and sustainably manage the natural resources upon which their livelihoods depend. Since 1998, TWP has supervised the planting of over 1,000,000 trees in the US and Central America, and oversees the planting and care of trees for the 100% Replanted program.

Your True Nature, Inc. is a Colorado company that produces books, journals, posters, and greeting cards that inspire people to live in harmony with themselves and the earth. The company has planted or sponsored the planting of more than 50,000 trees to replenish paper and wood products used.

Organic Elements
4222 Conrad Avenue
San Diego, Ca 92117

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