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Lose Weight, Get Going Organic with Home Delivery

Start your year with real health care -- organic food!

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carrot agricultural food organic soil conservation's not quite that simple, but organic food and organic production have numerous health benefits. Let me see if I can count the ways...

  • Organic veggies are much lower in calories than highly processed foods...and they make great snacks between meals to stave off calories, too.

  • Organic fruits have reduced pesticides... and that's just gotta reduce the toxins in your body...which should improve your immune system.

  • Locally grown organic foods delivered to your door give you more time to practice your cooking skills...and get fresh taste at the same time. And I've found that organic deliveries keep me out of the "processed foods" aisles, too!

  • Locally grown organic foods also improve our air quality in our community...and every bit of natural resource protection affects our health and well being! And "Locally grown" means less transportation, which definitely improves the air quality!

  • Locally grown also keeps our local farmers and ranchers thriving. And organically grown is even better. Consider a local "Community Supported Agriculture" membership for the new year. Great food. Great service...and you get to visit a real working farm occasionally! Wow! That's agritourism at its local best!~

  • Quality food, in proper doses is preventative health care as it is intended -- smart from the start!
Locally growth foods that focus on quality, heritage species, organic production that safeguards water quality, air quality, soil health and people health are the balanced benefit of "organic".

Organic is a system that spans the system -- from how the land is used to how the food is processed, how it gets to us...and how we prepare it and eat it in our homes. "Organic" is one of the most beautiful words in our dictionary, full of promise, benefit, balance and natural, inner beauty!

Community supported agriculture, organic foods, local agriculture and farmers markets...lots of resources help you to cook up meals at home, order corporate banquet feasts, and supply your snack room with healthy, energy-boosting foods that protect the health of your co-workers.

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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