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Enterprise Energy Management Systems Reduce HVAC Energy Use and Costs -- iMonitor Energy

iMonitor Energy provides multiple location, enterprise energy monitoring of current HVAC systems

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Benefits of an Enterprise Energy Management System

An "enterprise energy management system" (EEMS) can often save between 10 and 30% of each building’s HVAC energy usage.

Monitoring based optimization adds to those savings over time by find tuning the system in real time. Software can leverage savings through economies of scale and each building, depending on zoning strategies, can allow the energy management company to monitor energy cost per square foot in real time to develop a cost effective energy saving solution.

And when you save energy, you reduce your carbon footprint.

iMonitor Enterprise Energy Management

The control center for iMonitor Energy's software driven monitoring system for enterprise energy management.

The Power of Data in Energy Management

Many of today’s building automation and control systems, metering systems, and lighting control systems generate an enormous amount of potentially valuable operational data & information. Nearly all is thrown away because it is difficult to capture, access, or interpret with current BAS control systems.

iMonitor Energy has developed an EEMS system that is able to capture and consolidate data from a company's entire portfolio: office buildings, malls and /or manufacturing and integrate the disparate energy and building management systems. In real-time, their software connected system brings this information into their Energy Network Operations Center. The goal is not replacing the existing Building Control Systems but leveraging them by gathering their customers together with other 'disparate' data streams and making them actionable as a system.

Collective vs. Single Site Energy Management Systems

Historically most organizations have attempted to control energy and building maintenance by managing each individual energy source. Using this strategy there is no true integration, no real-time interactive view of current energy consumption and no real comprehensive energy optimization plan. You cannot optimize the whole by optimizing each component.

iMonitor Energy's Enterprise Energy Management System consolidates, in real-time, all energy-related data from all sources into one data warehouse and provides tools to understand the data. They also consolidate all of the energy related data from hundreds of sites, in real-time, into one data warehouse. Today’s standalone "site centric" building automation & control systems simply do not do that.

Working with Existing Building HVAC Infrastructure

Som Building Automation System (BAS) companies seek to justify the cost of their product(s) by comparing it to the cost of a new system. The existing BAS can be branded "not good enough" and a new one is recommended to make the proposed hardware/software solution appear viable. This increases cost and is a time-consuming process. The implementation of an effective Enterprise Energy Management System across your portfolio of buildings becomes a prohibitively expensive goal rather than a cost effective reality that saves energy dollars immediately.

iMonitor Energy's Enterprise Monitoring Approach

Keith Gipson was the inventor of EEM Systems, (owner of the U.S. patent) when he co-founded his first company, Silicon Energy back in 1997.

This EEMS is neither a control system nor a building automation system. It rides on top of these systems and adds functionality that each individual system does not contain. "We collect and integrate management information derived from the Andover’s, BACNet’s, LonWorks, Carrier’s, Trane’s, and York’s….etc. of the world. This is done through over 50 patented gateways that provide a transparent interface to all these different systems," says Mark Moore, president.

"We make the diversity of the existing enterprise data uniform and usable thus leveraging different existing control systems."

Information-based Enterprise Energy Management Systems are able to integrate diverse data streams like sq. ft., POS, weather feeds, kW usage, enterprise snapshots, etc. to establish a strategic baseline. The iMonitor system uses this baseline to measure increased energy savings and minimize budget variances.

This information-based approach is used in far-flung enterprise energy management to achieve higher levels of energy savings:

  • The knowledge to make malls/buildings energy efficient comes from information, not technology. Technology’s role is to facilitate information access.
  • Productivity gains come from information optimization, not IP or browser based interfaces.
  • Access to any data is not the same as having real time access to all the data.

Applications of Enterprise Energy Management Software

Some applications deliver benefits that provide operational savings (reduced energy consumption) and some applications enhance the infrastructure. The most common applications of an EEMS are:

  • Operational diagnostics & monitoring
  • Empowering efficient building control strategies
  • Enable continuous Monitoring Based Commissioning
  • Chiller plant efficiency calculations
  • Rooftop unit (RTU) or chiller efficiency comparison calculations
  • Controlling mall or building and tenant comfort
  • Real-time mall energy usage optimization & comparison(s)
  • Real-time enterprise store to store comparisons with weather & other data normalization
  • Real-time regional Demand Response programs with 3 party verification
  • Accurate energy cost allocation
  • Capital request justification
  • Information publishing
  • Providing more accurate budgeting & forecasting
  • Purchased utility accounting
  • Improved performance measurement & verification
  • Integration of trend data & monitoring to establish building control strategies

"A prime example of our optimization capabilities is a shopping mall in North San Diego County. We have had direct building control for 3 years. The first year we saved them $79,000 the second $122,000 and the third $200,000 in hard energy dollars. That’s $ 400,000 in three years," says John Mcintosh, Business Development for iMonitor.

Real-time enterprise energy management can help turn an enterprise, financially and ecologically green, reduce carbon footprints, and provide third party verification through the EEMS.

John Mcintosh
Business Development

iMonitor Energy
25172 Arctic Ocean, Suite 108
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Tel: 949.580.3606 – Tel: 1-800-960-5553

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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