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Working Outside the Office - Mobility Tools

SMB employees improve productivity with mobility technology

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Computers cause energy usage which increases global greenhouse gases

Productivity for Small and Medium Size Businesses

Productivity strategy for small and medium size businesses (SMB) is often different than strategy for large enterprises.

Outside The Office for Productivity

Recent research found that giving SMB employees more in-the-office technology tools does NOT make them more productive. If you empower them with technology outside the office -- such as at an airport or at a customer location, they will be more productive.

The bottom line is -- stop buying fixed office-based technology. Think in terms of needs outside the office and invest in that technology.

Mobile Productivity Solutions

Solutions like blogs, wikis, smartphones, wireless wide-area-enabled laptops, instant messaging and online travel services make SMB workers more productive outside the office.

Adoption of these collaborative Internet-based solutions is going to happen much more quickly at small businesses than large businesses because large enterprises must guard corporate policies more closely (due to Sarbanes Oxley, etc).

Which employees need these out-of-the-office tools? The ones who work outside the office, of course! The solution promoted in this article isn't eyeopening -- but it does bring to one's attention that small, swift of feet businesses can use specific tools -- blogs, wikis, smartphones, wireless laptops,instant messaging and online travel services -- to increase productivity.

The trick to to find who in your company already uses some of these technologies on their own -- and learn from them. Hold a brainstorming session and see how you can support productivity in the field by equipping them with the platforms (not just hardware) to make their time more productive.

With traffic snarls, airport waits, and short waits at customer sites, putting these mobile tools in their hands can help sales, service and networking employees use more of their eight-hours, and use them to get work done instead of listening to a radio...ah, yeah -- deliberate reference to pre-iPod days!

We're living in a mobile world today. Just as we are living in a global world. More and more information work is being handled away from the office. So think ahead about HOW your team can interact, update, exchange, and feed your productivity flow 24/7 -- and 360 degrees.

Think Green...

When you equip your mobility warriors, remember to buy ePEAT or Energy Star rated phones, computers and devices. And when you retire old electronics, be sure to responsibly recycle the devices through a quality recycling service. Even Goodwill offers a readily available electronic recycling service!

You can find a complete listing of Electronic Product Recycling Facilities at the California CIWMB website. Specifically for Los Angeles.

RESOURCE: IT Business Edge

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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