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Save on Career Education through Lorman Education

Our readers are offered a discount on Lorman seminars and courses. Check out their business, management and legal offers at this link to qualify for our discounts. They also offer green business training opportunities. Please visit for a complete listing of courses. Register online or call Lorman at 866-352-9539.

Green Health Strategies and Tools from Teleosis

Teleosis offers directories, preventative care information and greening strategies for health care offices

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environmental health care for prevention and green environment Wellness, preventative care, healthy diet, sustainable health practices is more easily distributed than high-tech hospital care.

Greening a health office is not expensive, and it shifts the perspective to community health and how health care can support overall healthy systems in the community surrounding the health care business.


Teleosis is a California nonprofit committed to improving the health of people and the environment. They do business in a way that sustains natural resources and provides a healthy work atmosphere. Their goal is to be a model of Green Health Care and to inspire the health care community to adopt green practices.

As a Green Business, Teleosis has adopted a wide-range of sustainable business practices that reduce our ecological footprint. Teleosis has received Green Business certification through The Bay Area Green Business Program and Co-op America Business Seal of Approval.

Teleosis maintains an online directory of health care professionals:

Directory of Health Care Professionals

Green Pharmacy Program

Over 80% of waterways tested in the U.S. show traces of common medications. Are you part of the 90% of consumers who dispose of unused medicines down the toilet or in the trash? Teleosis offers a better solution, the Green Pharmacy Program. Dispose of medicines in an environmentally safe way at one of our take-back sites.

Symbiosis - The Journal of Ecologically Sustainable Medicine

Symbiosis explores ecological principles of healing and medicine that support a healthy relationship with the living earth. One recent issue covered:
  • Pharmaceutical Pollution: Ecology and Toxicology...
  • Water Quality: Key to Many Doors in the 21st Century...
  • Christian Daughton and the Ecology of PPCPs: An Integral...
  • Green Pharmacy: Preventing Pollution with Sustainable...
The Teleosis Institute
1521B Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

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