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Adding a Sustainability Officer To Corporate Strategy

Adding a Sustainability Officer to refine green and sustainable manufacturing strategy

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Bringing the knowledge and experience of a "Sustainability Officer" to a company can signal a shift in priorities for design, manufacturing and marketing.

Example of New Sustainability Officer Position

AGM and Southrim Ltd. provide an example: the appointment of Rachael Skolnik as Sustainability Officer was announced as a new and critical position designed to solidify the company's commitment to environmental and social stewardship.

Skolnik was given responsibility to promote environmentally and socially responsible choices throughout all facets of the business, seeking out new opportunities and potential partnerships with companies who share AGM's sustainable vision.

Mike McDonald, Group General Manager of the company emphasized the need for the position, "We strongly believe Ms. Skolnik’s new role is critical as AGM develops new technology and initiatives to improve not only our own carbon foot print, but to also ensure our equipment has the highest focus on clean energy under the new direction 'A Green Move.'

'A Green Move for Sustainability' Initiative

Specific initiatives that are presently being implemented include "greening" the workplace . . .

  • Education
  • Recycling
  • Carbon emissions
  • Paper reduction, etc.
  • Improving the products (water usage, energy conservation, shipping practices, etc.)
  • Identifying responsible partnerships (commitment to CSR, shared corporate values, due diligence, fellow eco-friendly initiatives, etc.)

Some other examples of green projects include

  • Using eco-friendly products at tradeshows,
  • Branding green products under AGM
  • Sponsoring the first global motorsport series to race with biofuel.

With this new position, AGM made a committment to work for sustainability in their construction and manufacturing industry through the ongoing dedication to an increasingly healthy society, economy and environment.

AGM fulfills this vision through a continued commitment to:

  • Understanding environmental and social justice issues and sharing that information with our customers and partners.
  • Educating and training employees in environmentally/socially responsible business practices.
  • Developing innovative and creative solutions to positively impact the planet and its people.
  • Choosing environmentally friendly and carbon neutral products and services when possible.
  • Evaluating ongoing progress and encouraging partners to embrace similar corporate values.

For more information about AGM's Sustainability program, please contact:

Rachael Skolnik, Sustainability Officer
480 289 3422

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