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February, 2008 GreenLines Newsletter

February 2008 GreenLines Newsletter about California Green Solutions including Lighting, Recycling...and more!

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Plastic recycling of bottles and containers


New sections on our website.

"Lighting" and "Recycling" are two of our most popular article categories on our newsy website, so we're breaking them out -- and putting out a call for YOUR SOLUTION STORIES. If you have green, sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions, please send us a brief overview of what you provide to the California business, organization or public marketplace. We'd like our readers to hear your solution story.

Search Engine Optimization for YOUR website.

Our team can help green solution companies rank higher in Google. If you aren't getting the traffic you want to your website, we can now provide you with practical SEO services.

Based on our work with our own sites and consulting with marketing clients, we provide "delicious vanilla SEO" (a step above plain vanilla!) with content and meta tag optimization. We help you learn SEO basics to take your pages to the next step in prospect searches. And at a reasonable cost. "SEO" is probably your best PR investment these days because it works 24/7 for you on your own website.

California Green Solutions offers something most SEO consultants can't -- we also link to your green solutions website from our highly ranked site, sharing some "Google-juice" with you!

Call Carolyn Allen to discuss what search strategy you would like to accomplish.

Green & Environmental Consultants Network

It's hard to find the right consultant to fit your needs, especially for smaller companies who want a consultant here in California. That's why we're launching the "California Consulting Hub". Consultants and companies who offer unbiased audits, evaluations, recommendations and technical services to green companies are welcome to apply.

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Because this Hub will be organically designed, we are offering One Year Free Membership to early applicants who will provide their practical input and suggestions, and help the program grow. Just apply SOON to get in of the limited number of slots for this advisory program.

Apply for membership & submit a feature article about your services for inclusion in the website as your FIRST BENEFIT for belonging.

A few "Greener" thoughts from Carolyn

The news isn't getting a lot better regarding climate change. Or scarcity of natural resources. But technologies are being developed to help companies reduce their energy usage, water usage and air quality. That's hopeful. We continue to post daily news about "solutions" -- partial, granted, but solutions that we can consider, select and implement to make incremental improvements.

Timing is always important. And timing includes the need to address the major issues facing us as an economy, a free nation and secure homes for our families. Many companies are taking steps -- and we encourage you and support your strategies to do your best, as well. Our struggle to reduce impact on the earth is the challenge of our age. Let's take it seriously.
Carolyn Allen

Articles in our NEW Resource Center Sections


Daylighting Saves Commercial Lighting Costs
Daylighting applications can save money and energy by allowing companies to turn lights off when utility rates are the highest. [Read more]

Lighting Solutions To Reduce Energy Costs & Global Climate Change Impact
Office operations save energy with lighting behavior and lighting technology changes. [Read more]

Energy Star qualified CFLs have risen dramatically
Energy Star bulb sales are growing dramatically over the last two years and saving energy [Read more]

Product Development of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Luminaires
Energy Star specifications research for Solid State Lighting (SSL) Luminaires [Read more]

Greening the Lighting Industry for High Performance with LED Systems (IEPC)
Trends in high efficiency lighting for industrial and business applications from IEPC [Read more]

LED Lighting Advances
LEDs could reduce national energy consumption for lighting by 29% by 2025. [Read more]

Greener Building Lighting Saves Significant Energy Costs
Muller reduced its energy demand by 59 percent with energy-efficiency lighting retrofit. [Read more]

Industrial Flashlights Use LEDs
Recoil LED flashlights are brighter, use less energy and extend battery life by 50% [Read more]

Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency - ONLINE Seminar
Fundamentals of Lighting Efficiency is an interactive energy efficiency training program by AEE [Read more]

Retrofit Lighting for Savings: Progressive Lighting & Energy Solutions - Tustin
Retrofitting existing buildings is where the real energy savings are for most companies. [Read more]

Solar LED Lights for Safety, Architectural & Landscape Lighting from Solar Cynergy
From enhancing the decor of a backyard and illuminating walkways to providing hazard and safety lighting to parks, schools, dangerous intersections or crosswalks, Solar Cynergy offers facilities and communities solar LED environmental lights, an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional wired lighting. [Read more]


Find Local Recyclers & Office Recycling Program Guidelines
Recycling office waste is an easy first step for company greening programs [Read more]

San Diego Adopts Mandatory Recycling in Large Buildings & Multi-family Housing
Mandatory recycling in San Diego can save money on waste management [Read more]

Additional New Articles

Rethinking Greywater Solutions for Your Building
Local greywater system technologies reduce water costs [Read more]

Los Angeles Sidewalks Present Opportunity for a Greener Solution
4,000 miles of broken sidewalks and scarce money to make repairs...that spells opportunity! [Read more]

Green Health Strategies and Tools from Teleosis
Teleosis offers directories, preventative care information and greening strategies for health care offices [Read more]

Adding a Sustainability Officer To Corporate Strategy
Adding a Sustainability Officer to refine green and sustainable manufacturing strategy [Read more]

Ecocities that Run on 1/10 of Today's Energy
Vision for our future... [Read more]

Green Seal Helps LA County with Green Procurement Program
Los Angeles County calls on Green Seal to help develop a green procurement program for government purchasing [Read more]

Greening Your Website Information
Product information is critical to recycling, sustainable decisionmaking and community planning. Websites work! [Read more]

Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles
Lofts, the new urban living trend in Los Angeles. [Read more]

La Posada in May By New Economics for Women
Los Angeles, May 15

Women's business and family support fundraiser at La Posada [Read more]

California Biofuel Stations Grow Slowly for Consumer Access
Biofuels require infrastructure, demand and policy changes to grow. California is struggling to adapt. [Read more]

Water Shortage Hits SoCal Agriculture With Drastic Cutbacks
Southern California orchards and produce farms are the first affected by MWD water cutbacks [Read more]

It's Not Easy Being Green - Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog touched all of us! [Read more]

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