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Transportation Managers of Trucks, Ships and Off-Road Equipment Save 10% on Fuel With No Upfront Capital Investment - Etorus

Etorus provides transportation managers with a pay a you go fleet management program for fuel savings and emissions reduction.

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Fleet Management for Emissions Reductions and Fuel Savings

Diesel emissions are bad news. Rising fuel costs are bad news. What's worse these days is the political and business posturing taking place that hinders the cleanup of heavy equipment that is spewing the diesel particulate matter across our communities.

Solutions are available. The technology to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency are here. Where's the will?

Cost Effective Fleet Management

Some say it's not cost effective. Some are concerned that early adopters will be penalized by future regulations. In the meantime, Californians are getting sick and dying from the impact of emissions, the climate is changing because of the greenhouse gases...and owner/operators are using more fuel than they need to be using.

Common sense tells us that the diesel equipment owners, their drivers, their customers and their communities suffer from inaction. It's time to step up to the plate...and Etorus makes it painless.

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Technical Overview of the Etorus In-Line Fuel and Emissions Technology

Heavy Equipment Solutions for On-Road and Off-Road Savings

Etorus FE technology creates a more complete fuel burn and consequently more power using less fuel, reduces particulate matter emissions, decreases carbon and soot buildup in the engine it is installed on, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. As an example, for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel not consumed as a result of better fuel burn, one metric ton of CO2 greenhouse gas is not released into the atmosphere. The Etorus FE is an in-line fuel consumption and emissions reduction device.

Inside the device, the patented Rentar technology consists of metals and rare earth elements through which fuel passes prior to combustion. A number of reactions occur simultaneously, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel, which in turn creates more power using less fuel while reducing greenhouse gases and other harmful air emissions.

"The Etorus FE technology causes clustered fuel molecules to temporarily repel each other, resulting in a greater surface area that is exposed to oxygen at the point of combustion," explains chemist Robert E. Yelin, Ph.D., an environmental and management consultant and Etorus, Inc. advisory board member who helped develop the technology. "Studies document how this technology causes some saturated aliphatics to release hydrogen gas and form unsaturated aromatics."

The hydrogen gas that results from the formation of the unsaturated 'double bonds' complements the increased oxygen at the point of combustion, providing an additional combustion source to the fuel, which further aids in providing a more complete and efficient fuel burn. The turbulence caused by the Etorus FE internally enhances these reactions.

Etorus Provides Fuel & Emissions Solutions for Vehicle Fleet Management

Etorus offers a suite of technology and financing solutions that can be applied to both on-road and off-road diesel equipment. Take a look at what they offer and see if the benefits outweigh your hesitancy.

Etorus, located in Encino, CA, offers products that reduce fuel consumption and costs and improve emissions in any industry that utilizes diesel power (including biodiesel).

Fleet Management for Transportation Managers

Etorus also offers products that enhance fuel and fleet management:

  • The Etorus PAY PER SAVE™ (PPS) Program is a proprietary business solution that allows companies to deploy the Etorus FE System across their fleets without any capital expenditure or risk, thereby immediately increasing cash flow and profitability.

  • The Etorus Emission Credit Program for Generating Emission Credit Revenue. In addition to growing profitability through reduced fuel costs, companies can utilize the emission reductions created by the Etorus FE System to generate significant emission credit revenue.

  • The Etorus Automatic Fuel System is a wireless refueling solution that enables businesses to track individual drivers and vehicles remotely and prevent fuel theft. The system allows companies to eliminate unauthorized refueling, monitor authorized refueling, limit fuel usage per driver, calculate miles per gallon used, receive real-time odometer readings and fuel consumption statistics, and create timely and accurate automated preventive maintenance reports.

Application of Etorus FE Technology in Vehicle Fleets

The Etorus FE technology is currently installed in nearly 10% of the Performance Transportation Services, Inc. (PTS) fleet. PTS is North America's second largest transporter of new automobiles, sport utility vehicles and light trucks. PTS is expanding deployment after fuel savings test results netted over $2,000 per truck, per year. The deployment includes the entire fleet of PTS's 1,800 trucks -- at a savings of $2,000 in fuel costs per truck per year, it's a potential profit for the company of $3.6 million.

Fuel Savings Potential in Fleet Management

Deployment was monitored by National Energy Control Services, Inc. (NECS). NECS monitors, verifies and calculates the dollar value of the fuel savings achieved with the Etorus FE installed.

In addition to the fuel savings is a corresponding reduction in emissions of soot and harmful greenhouse gases, including nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) -- two leading known contributors to global warming.

PTS took advantage of the Etorus Pay Per Save(TM) program, which allowed them to immediately install the technology and realize fuel savings without any associated capital expenditure or risk, while reducing our emissions in the process.

"Pay Per Save" Fleet Management Program

The Etorus Pay Per Save™ (PPS) Program has two components: the Etorus FE System that generates the reduction in fuel consumption, and NECS, an independent third-party service provider that calculates, monitors and verifies the dollar value of the reduction. The Etorus FE has been proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% in well maintained engines that utilize a high grade of fuel, and up to 20% in less well maintained engines that utilize a lower grade of fuel. For heavy diesel users, these percentages can amount to millions of dollars in reduced operating costs per year.

Reduce fuel costs by as much as 10 percent, with no up-front capital risk or investment

"Our cost-effective business solutions for energy and environmental issues provide us with great opportunities to help companies running diesel- and biodiesel-based fuel -- in trucking, mining, marine and other industrial applications -- to reduce fuel costs by as much as 10 percent, with no up-front capital risk or investment," said Shraga Agam, the president and chief executive officer of Etorus, Inc.

Transportation Managers of Trucks, Ports and Communities Reduce Emissions with Etorus

"The types of programs we offer can easily help reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, such as those being experienced by the trucking and commercial harbor craft industries at the California Ports. Companies doing business at these Ports have historically been resistant to regulation because of the high costs associated with implementing changes to their equipment in order to be in compliance.

"With the Etorus FE installed using our Pay Per Save program, truckers and marine fleet owners can not only take action to help be in compliance with new emission reduction regulations, but can actually boost their bottom lines in the process by saving up to 10 percent on their fuel costs," Agam said. "The companies involved can experience significant benefits financially, and we all would benefit environmentally.

"There is really no downside under the Pay Per Save program, and if for whatever reason a customer of ours decides to stop using the product, he can terminate the contract rather than being left with a 'dead asset'."

Shraga Agam, California Entrepreneur in Fleet Management

Shraga Agam is the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Etorus, Inc., a California-based global provider of business solutions for energy and environmental issues.

The entrepreneur has co-founded four companies to date, and he remains actively involved in three of them. From 1978 to 1998, he was the co-founder and president of Sola Corporation, a sales and marketing organization. In 1981, he co-founded Lake Corporation, a successful real estate and mortgage investment firm. In 1998 he co-founded and was the executive chairman at Lake Technologies, which is now Vericom Technologies, a GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company.

An environmentalist throughout his entire life, Shraga Agam co-founded Etorus in 2005 with Gil Bordoley, the company’s chief financial and operations officer, when he concluded that the only way to fight global warming effectively was to enable all stakeholders to benefit financially. Today, in addition to orchestrating the activities at Etorus, he remains the president of Lake Corporation and is an active shareholder at Vericom Technologies.

Resource for fleet management solutions:

Etorus, Inc.
16661 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 508
Encino, California 91436
Phone: (818) 788-0490
Fax: (818) 924-1001

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