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Certification training by Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability

Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability fosters and accelerates sustainable products development by achieving market acceptance of sustainable supplier protocols.

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One of the best kept secrets today is that sustainable products are more profitable than conventional products -- sometimes as much as ten times or more. The Economist reports that an index of the "world's top 200 sustainable firms," set up by Dow Jones, has outperformed the rest of the stock market.

Sustainable products are competitive and more profitable in the marketplace for a variety of reasons:

  • faster product time to market
  • fewer regulatory constraints
  • documented public demand due to global health & environmental benefits
  • reduced costs for raw materials & manufacturing
  • reduced liability
  • deliver added value to consumers
  • corporate good will
  • improved employee health & safety
  • increased worker productivity through reduced time for compliance & liability

Online Training

The 21 Online Training Modules on the MTS Online Training Modules pages have demos provided for a 2 minute preview of each module. The modules include:
  • Green Buildings by National Wildlife Federation, US Green Building Council, & HOK Architects
  • Green Existing Buildings by International Facility Management Association, International Interior Design Association, American Society of Interior Designers, Leonardo Academy, Milliken, US Green Building Council & Alliance for Sustainable Built Environments
  • Green Building Commercial Interiors by American Society of Interior Designers, Catalyst Partners & US Green Building Council
  • Green Laboratory Buildings by Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Fisher Hamilton , US EPA & Kath Williams + Associates
  • Green Schools by Collaborative for High Performance Schools, San Diego Gas & Electric, The Council of Educational Facilities Planners International, Sustainaissance International, California State Architect, US EPA & US Green Building Council
  • Green Retail Buildings by Forest City Enterprises, US Green Building Council & Sylvania,
  • Green Building Core & Shell by Hines, Gensler, American Institute of Architects, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, US Green Building Council & Tate Access Floors
  • Green Homes by American Society of Interior Designers, Natural Resources Defense Council & US Green Building Council
  • Sustainable Healthcare by Kaiser Permanente, Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, US Green Building Council & Forbo Flooring
  • Certified Organic Products by Newman's Own Organics, Organic Trade Association, Organic Center for Education & Promotion & National Wildlife Federation
  • Sustainable Textile Standard© by International Interior Design Association, Gensler, Daniel Mann Johnson Mendenhal, Milliken Carpet Fabric & Apparel, Catalyst Partners & MTS
  • FSC Certified Wood by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) & Knoll
  • Sustainable Flooring by American Society of Interior Designers, Forest Stewardship Council & Forbo Flooring
  • Sustainable Carpet by International Interior Design Association, American Society of Interior Designers, International Facility Management Association & Milliken
  • Sustainable Lighting by American Society of Interior Designers, New Jersey Green Building Council & Philips Lighting
  • Sustainable Furniture by International Interior Design Association, Forest Stewardship Council & Knoll
  • Green Power by Renewable Choice Energy, Haworth, Interface, & US EPA
  • Cleaner & Greener Certification & Energy Efficiency by Leonardo Academy & Johnson Controls
  • Green Chemistry by American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry Institute & Shaw Carpet
  • Environmentally Preferable Products by Natural Resources Defense Council, California State Architect, International Interior Design Association, Antron Carpet Fiber & Invista
  • Pollution Prevention & Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by International Design Center for the Environment, Natural Resources Defense Council, American Institute of Architects, Sustainable Proucts Corpration & MTS

MTS participants use the training and communications work of the organization to strive for the following Best Practices:

  • Improved global human health, environment, welfare & economy
  • Increased profits throughout the products' life cycle to suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers
  • Improved product market position, e.g., increased share & good will
  • Increased product value
  • Reduced environmental & social liability, and associated costs for transactions, regulatory compliance, raw materials extraction, & manufacturing
  • Reduced product time to market
  • Improved product design
  • Improved social equity over the product�s life cycle
  • Reduced climate change & acid rain, & improved air quality
  • Conserved water & improved water quality
  • Increased waste reduction, reuse, & recycling
  • Increased pollution prevention
  • Preserved & restored habitat
  • Saved energy & increased green power
Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability
1511 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
202-338-3131 Phone

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