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American Clay Earth plasters firmly resist mold growth

Announcing test results for mold growth prove undeniably that American Clay Earth Plaster's clay plaster does not allow for mold growth on the plaster surface.

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Mold-Resistance Results Key for the Building Community, Mold-Prone States and the Allergy-Prone

American Clay Earth Plaster, the award-winning, all-natural finish for interior walls and ceilings, is pleased to announce that the test results for mold growth prove undeniably that the clay plaster does not allow for mold growth on the plaster surface. This is important news for the building and architectural communities, as well as regions especially prone to mold growth, such as the Gulf states and Florida, where mold is an everyday problem. Additionally, as fungi readily invade indoor environments and can cause year-round allergic symptoms, use of clay plaster can create a barrier to help reduce such indoor causes.

“When we received the official results, it was an affirmation of everything I expected. But then when we saw the results from our new Mud Glue™ product, I was ecstatic that we had something that could provide further benefit in the deep South, a place were mildew is just something you have to live with. We [American Clay] have provided a solution without all of the harsh additives usually relied on in the industry, providing an even healthier environment for people’s homes and workspaces.” [Mud Glue™ is American Clay’s new all natural, zero-VOC dry powder binder created using green chemistry and is being formally introduced in the next month. Watch for upcoming notice!]

Mold Tests on Plasters

The mold tests were conducted by an independent lab that utilizes ASTM standards, one of the most universally-accepted testing parameters. Two tests were conducted: ASTM 3273-00 and ASTM G21-96. The first and most common test for wall surface materials had panels with American Clay’s original formulation (Loma) hang for four weeks in an atmosphere ideal for production of mold growth. The panels included every permutation of the Loma clay – alone, with add mix, with the company’s new Mud Glue™, and even one without American Clay’s current mold-inhibiting additive, Borax. Control panels that will not prevent growth and are a known level were also included in the test. At the end of the cycle, all American Clay panels showed no signs of mold growth, a rating of ‘10’ per the test standards.

Fungus Resistance of Plasters

The second test is one that shows fungus resistance. A fungus culture was placed directly onto the product (i.e. panel) to see if the product’s environment would allow for further growth. The tests on Loma combined with their new Mud Glue™ resulted in a “zero” test score, meaning no traces of any fungal growth were observed.

American Clay earth plasters are created without any modern preservatives or fungicides, and the tests show that they reduce the propensity for surface mold growth. Additionally, the product is a NFPA type A, UBC Class I non-flammable material (per ASTM E84). American Clay – recommended for restorations as well as new construction – also gives additional masonry mass in rooms, absorbs sound, provides humidity buffering, and is easily repairable. There is no off-gassing or inherent waste on-site.

Green Building Materials Availability

American Clay is available across California. In Southern California, you can find out more through Livingreen, Green Building Products, Cal-Wal, Jill’s Paints, ac+dc and Bayside Paint. In Central and Northern California, at Eco Design Resources, Green Goods, Central Valley Builders Supply, Cen-Cal Wallboard, Green Fusion Design Center and more. See “Where to Buy” at


American Clay products – the original Loma, the super-smooth Porcelina, and the new reclaimed shell-based Marittimo – are applied much like a conventional plaster finish, but with none of the intrinsic problems of gypsum or cementitious plasters. It is a unique combination of clays, aggregates and natural pigments that offers builders and consumers a natural and elegant option. It is manufactured in and made of materials found in the U.S. American Clay Enterprises, Inc., is based in Albuquerque, NM, and its product is patent pending. The product and various workshops are available through their New Mexico office or through one of the growing number of retailers and distributors across the U.S. The website,, offers information on additional products, ordering, technical specifications, product application and additional resources and links.

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