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Shorewood Packaging Provides Sustainable Packaging for Wal-Mart Standards

Shorewood Packaging supplies green packaging to meet Wal-Mart's sustainable packaging guidelines

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"We set out to do (sustainability) as an obligation, a good-works effort. But we discovered the truth: the real reason to do this is for the business itself."
Lee Scott, CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., February 2007

As the country's largest retailer, Wal-Mart sets the standard for acceptable product packaging. We realize that product placement within Wal-Mart is essential to your business. Shorewood Packaging created greenchoice™ with two goals in mind:

  • To supply customers with eco-friendly packaging options that are in compliance with Wal-Mart's new initiative so manufacturers can continue to sell products in its stores.
  • To make a positive contribution to the environment in the long term as part of a network of suppliers striving to create sustainable products, utilize renewable energy and generate zero waste.

Wal-Mart will phase out products and materials that are shown to have significant human health and environmental impacts.

The Seven "Rs" of Sustainable Packaging

In 2006, Wal-Mart launched its Sustainable Packaging Initiative with the goal of reducing overall packaging in its stores by five percent by 2008. Wal-Mart will only carry products that are packaged with materials safe for human and ecological health.

This means that, to retain your market share with Wal-Mart, your products and packaging must meet "The Seven R's" of Sustainable Packaging.

  1. Remove. Eliminate unnecessary packaging, extra boxes or layers
  2. Reduce. "Right size" packaging, use fewer or lighter components
  3. Reuse. Use post-consumer recycled material (PCR), reusable plastics
  4. Renew. Use materials made from renewable resources
  5. Recycle. Recycled, recyclable, compostable materials
  6. Revenue. Achieve the above for the same or lower cost
  7. Read. Print recycled / recyclable message on packaging
Shorewood Packaging, a business of International Paper, is a provider of printing, packaging and retail display products including Greenchoice™ environmental solutions for packaging and displays. Greenchoice is Shorewood's initiative to provide business customers with sustainable solutions.

"Green Toolbox" is a resource of environmental solutions for packaging, print and display products. It's a complex topic with no right or wrong answers, involving a series of choices - each with a different impact on our world. It highlights their sustainable packaging, print and display solutions.

The "Green Toolbox" includes environmentally conscious choices for:

  • Paper and Paperboard - both virgin and recycled choices that are renewable, recoverable, recyclable and compostable*
  • Inks and Coatings - offset inks formulated with renewable vegetable oil-based components; aqueous coatings
  • Alternative Materials - PaperFoam® CD/DVD trays and more choices on the horizon
  • "Green" Package Design - right sizing, fewer components, sustainable materials
  • Conscientious Supply Chain - ways to minimize your carbon footprint
Shorewood's team develops new approaches to packaging and displays that are compatible with the environment and programs like Wal-Mart's Sustainable Packaging Initiative.

Shorewood Packaging is a business of International Paper (IP) has also made a human involvement to connect their employees with community sustainability projects. Shorewood and First Look Studios have developed a joint program to promote sustainable packaging and environmental stewardship by helping revitalize urban ecosystems in a volunteer event organized by TreePeople, a nonprofit organization that has served the Los Angeles area for more than three decades.

In their first outing, dozens of team members from First Look Studios and Shorewood Packaging met at Malibu Creek State Park to help restore part of its oak woodland habitat. They planted native grasses and oak seedlings in one of the groves established by volunteers over the last 10 years.

Shorewood Packaging

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