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Heavy Equipment Renter Picks-Up & Delivers Without Idling

Solving the idling problem can reduce emissions, increase productivity and save money.

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Growing No Idle regulations in the San Francisco Bay Area aren't just a compliance issue -- solving the idling problem can also increase productivity and save money.

Heavy Equipment Loading and Unloading Solution

Un-N-Atom heavy equipment loading and dropoff idling trailer

Anthem Aerial Equipment & Power, Inc. employs a Retriever No Idle System truck bed to load and unload heavy equipment with the engine off.

"It’s great to meet No Idle restrictions in the Bay Area and save money at the same time," says Jerry Ferrel, owner of Anthem Aerial Equipment & Power, Inc. of Santa Clara. Ferrel added a new transport vehicle that allows loading and unloading of scissor lifts, fork lifts, boom lifts and other aerial equipment with the truck engine turned off. It meets growing municipal No Idle ordinances in Northern California and lowers operation costs.

The Retriever® truck bed, a heavy equipment transport vehicle with a No Idle System™ may be the first such transport in America because it uses compressed air, not hydraulics, to power bed operations and does not require engine idling.

Retriever’s compressed air tank is charged to 120 psi in about five minutes of normal driving when driving to construction company, electrical contractor, mechanical contractor and fire sprinkler company job sites. This provides sufficient power to the truck bed and load/unload 30,000-pound payloads with the engine turned off.

Ferrel says enough air pressure stays in the tank overnight that he can load the next morning’s first equipment without starting the engine.

With No Idle, he saves about $10 in diesel fuel per day and loads and unloads faster, which makes him more productive. He’s also thousands of dollars per year ahead.

And by eliminating traditional hydraulic systems, Anthem Aerial Equipment does not have to worry about breaks in the hoses, fittings and controllers. Hydraulic leaks are a chronic industry problem and require expensive hazmat clean-ups and repairs, he says.

Ferrel also notes Retriever’s general benefits. Its patented, air-operated and hinged design reduces deck height and creates greater payload capacity. This permits smaller vehicles to move heavier payloads – non-CDL trucks can handle as much as 11,000 pounds and tandems a full 30,000 pounds.

Retriever’s industry-low loading angle – as shallow as 10.4º -- allows equipment to be driven aboard while its curved shape eliminates "break over" damage to tracked equipment. A lower, more stable on-road deck height improves safety.

About Anthem Aerial Equipment & Power, Inc

Anthem Aerial Equipment & Power, Inc. is a medium-size rental company serving the complete San Francisco Bay Area. It provides lift equipment to local companies at job sites. Before 2000, Owner Jerry Ferrel spent 20 years as a rental-industry mechanic, driver and sales rep. He started this company to fill an entrepreneurial dream and play a larger role in the industry.

Anthem Aerial Equipment & Power
785 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, California

About Up-N-Atom

Retriever and its and its No Idle System option are products of Up-N-Atom, LLC.

21675 Doral Road
Waukesha, WI

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