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March 2008 CGS Newsletter

Newsletter for March 2008 with links to green business articles

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California Green Solutions Newsletter
California Green

MARCH, 2008
Connecting You With Green B2B Solutions!

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Product Chemistry and Water Quality


MARCH is an interesting time, March Madness, economy faltering, political shifts, spring storms, and climate change marches onward. One comfort is that earth's natural systems are still working hard for us! We've tried to bring you a variety of solution stories that will help you be aware of the main challenges facing California businesses in their efforts to deal with environmental challenges and economic realities.

Among the most compelling stories to us are:

  • Homes are greener than workplaces due to management support levels.
  • California is leading efforts to create a market-based approach for forests in mitigating climate change.
  • The California Green Chemistry Initiative is making progress
  • And the federal EPA has superceded California's attempt to curtail emission problems from ships and marine vessels.

A mixed bag, to be sure...but we also see hope and determination to not only improve our environment, but our culture and our nation. That new energy keeps me working hard for a better tomorrow. And I hope you are finding some of that same satisfaction in your work and community life.

California Green Solutions

Solutions for Landscaping Solutions for LED Lighting Solutions for  Lighting Solutions for LED Lighting

Telling the Story of Sustainability

We are happy to announce the launch of a number of blogs related to sustainability. They are the result of our research and observations that broad is good -- but specific hits the spot!

Green marketers will be interested to know that Google is focusing on "theme" of websites more and more, and as we try to reach new folks with search engine optimization, we find that "theme" wins. So you will now find a growing list of blogs carrying our green business message to specific target markets in both the business and consumer/prosumer niches.

We've introduced the first FOUR on our website, and INVITE YOU TO SUPPORT this outreach with your product release stories, and something new to our outreach efforts, the ability to COMMENT and TRACKBACK to share these resources with your readers.

Landscaping ~ Trees ~ Lighting ~ LED Lighting

Those of you who know Carolyn, will recognize her passion for restoring natural systems in these blog topics!

We also provide opportunities to advertise and sponsor cooperative solution seminars to our community -- and hope that you will support our work in this way. We provide high quality visibility for your green solutions.

The great news is that we want MORE of your "solution stories".
These blogs will NOT be limited to California --
so we welcome national and global solution stories.

Our theme is "traditional business solutions...with a green heart!"

The Consultants HUB

We are continuing to receive interest from consultants who want to network, support one another and get their knowledge and strategies to California companies. The new blogs offer a great way for consultants to submit solution stories that link to their websites. And we'll also add stories by green and sustainability consultants to

Both independent consultants and technical and sales engineer consultants for companies providing customized solutions are welcome. The dividing line is whether the professional provides informational value through an audit or evaluation of a situation and makes sustainable recommendations.

If you're interested, we're holding a Webinar in APRIL for all the interested consultants to visit for a few minutes and define how a cooperative can help get the word out about California's excellent consulting resources. CALL Carolyn to be included in this conference call/Webinar. ()

You can apply for the program with an easy downloadable form.

Recent Stories on

NOTE: We invite you to send this newsletter's link to your business colleagues -- the more informed we all are, the faster we will green our communities AND grow the green economy for mutual sustainability.


Soot -- Black Carbon IS SECOND to Carbon Dioxide in Causing Climate Change
Reducing soot from biofuel cooking and coal combustion in small industry could reduce immediate climate change rate. [Read more]

Homes Are Greener Than Workplaces Due to Behavior Differences
Conservation behavior changes from home to work and every voice matters! [Read more]

NASA Satellites Track Global Pollution from China to Western US
First-ever satellite-based estimate of pollution aerosols transport![Read more]


California's Forest Sector Protocols Lead Efforts in Market-Based Mitigation of Climate Change
California is leading efforts to create a market-based approach for forests in mitigating climate change.[Read more]


Financing for Green and Sustainable Resources - New Resource Bank
San Francisco community bank funds regional green and sustainable projects [Read more]


Easton, 6,400 Acres to be developed near Sacramento
GenCorp has been master planning for a community called Easton.[Read more]


Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Can Result in Fines for Manufacturers
Facilities must report on-site extremely hazardous chemicals to ensure emergency responders take proper precautions [Read more]

Shorewood Packaging Provides Sustainable Packaging for Wal-Mart Standards
Shorewood Packaging supplies green packaging to meet Wal-Mart's sustainable packaging guidelines[Read more]

Green Chemistry Initiative Workshop
Sacramento, March 28

Provide input regarding a draft policy framework for the California Green Chemistry Initiative.[Read more]

Design Guide for Energy-Efficient Research Laboratories
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Center for Building Science focuses comprehensively on laboratory energy design [Read more]


Planettran Hybrid Taxi and Limo Service Available in San Francisco and Oakland
Planettran provides hybrid Prius taxi and limo service in San Francisco Bay area[Read more]

California Transportation Plan 2030 to Promte Environmental Planning
Environmental and transportation related web links are designed to assist transportation, resource, and environmental planners [Read more]

Heavy Equipment Renter Picks-Up & Delivers Without Idling
Solving the idling problem can reduce emissions, increase productivity and save money.[Read more]

Caltrans Awards $52M In Safe Routes To School Funding
Caltrans awarded $52M to cities and counties for 139 projects to fund Safe Routes to School program[Read more]

EPA Air Pollution from Locomotive Engines and Marine Compression-Ignition Engines
EPA regulations to cut PM emission from marine engines by as much as 90% and NOx emissions by as much as 80% when fully 2015.[Read more]


EPA WaterSense Certification Program for Landcape and Irrigation Pros, and Water Saving Products
EPA provides certification for water saving products and trained landscape and irrigation professionals[Read more]

Three Key Stormwater Workshops
San Mateo, CA, May 2

Conference on State program to support LID practices[Read more]


Salt Power in Estuaries Capture Energy Released from Fresh/Salt Water Mixing
Salt and fresh water mix at river mouths and the warmth generated can be turned into energy[Read more]

Nuclear Energy and the Battle for National Security and Energy Independence
Nuclear energy is not a renewable energy, but advocates are linking it with greenhouse gas strategies[Read more]


California Waste Reduction Awards Program
Apply by May 31, 2008

All businesses and private nonprofit organizations with California facilities are encouraged to apply for an annual WRAP award.[Read more]

Internet Marketing using Video and Social Media
Internet Marketing is not your grandaddy's tv advertising![Read more]

Market Transition Coming for Crystalline Solar to Thin-Film PV Solar
Solar market transitions coming with shake-out among companies not prepared for thin-film technology[Read more]

Task Forces as Strategy for Green Change
Task force strategy focuses attention and expertise on solutions with leadership access[Read more]


Permaculture Offers Hope for the After-Peak-Oil Society
What happens when fast growth slows? How will families survive? Here's a hopeful scenario...[Read more]

California Green
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