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Software for Corporate Responsibility, Accountability, Fairness and Transparency Reporting - SOX, ISO etc

Improve the speed, efficiency and quality of your compliance process with software and library of content

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Compliance Software for Reporting Social Responsibility

Compliance regulations are difficult to execute and tools that help with compliance can also help a company with the transparency reporting for social responsibility.

Small to medium size companies can spend a million dollars and a year getting their SOX reporting in order -- or now that AS5 was passed in 2007, they can use software with an accompanying library of content to cut the cost by up to 90% and cut the time to 3 or 4 months," says Tom Troiani of Craft Strategies.

Troiani is a value added reseller (VAR), provides sales and customization of the software and library to fit the company's unique customized financial processes.

The software is provided by CEBOS and covers all business functions: receivable and payables, payroll, general ledger, inventory, distribution and asset management...etc.

Tom's experience as a chief information officer and technology officer brings his experience to the customization process that helps public companies over the mandated $75 million threshold; smaller companies preparing for sale to a public company (companies of $35 million and up); and Non Profit organizations that need to provide transparency and responsible reporting to their donors.

Compliance software helps companies create the flowchart of functinoal decomposition, risk assessment, controls and testing the controls...all required by compliance regulations.

CEBOS (Craft Strategies) is a publisher of compliance software and a librarian of standard compliance content.

Craft Strategies is a full service organization focused upon Profit Improvement by blending the right people (development of human assets), technology and governance.

By offering CBOS’ ComplyBase Compliance Software and Content Library, Craft can save its clients up to 80% of the cost for SOX compliance by using CBOS’ pre-existing compliance library and customizing it to your company’s work flow.

“Craft” stands for Corporate Responsibility, Accountability, Fairness and Transparency. Thomas Troiani, Founder of Craft Strategies, is also the author of “Vision to Reality; Making governance work for you”. His book describes the board member’s new responsibilities, as a result of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and provides them with a checklist of criteria by which they can assess the wellness of the company and the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.

Craft Strategies, has the complete SOX suite that will satisfy C-SOX, JSOX compliance and any risk management solution, to include advisory and consulting services. We can improve the speed, efficiency and quality of your compliance process as we have already developed the following contents (templates) that can save you the out-of pocket cost of compliance, and about 4 to 6 months in elapsed time.

Companies can take advantage of the recent adoption of AS5 to integrate and combine most, if not all, of their compliance issues (SOX, ISO, and other Governance, Risk and compliances (GRC) requirements) to simplify the processes and permit the organization focus on operations.

Craft Strategies provides:
· Test Samples
· Policy & Procedures
· Control Procedures
· Flowcharts
· Risk Management Assessment
· Control Objectives
· Control Definitions
· Business/Operation Assessment (walkthrough)


Thomas C. Troiani
Craft Strategies, LLC.
409 N. Pacific Coast Hwy., #276
Redondo Beach, California 90277
Los Angeles- 310.844.7747

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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