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Gen-A-Sys Battery Powered APU Cuts Idling & Provides Driver Comfort

Gen-A-Sys Auxiliary Power Unit Cuts Idling & Provides Driver Comfort

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Logistics transportation trucking and loading docks Driver comfort might seem like a luxury to the non-driver, but safety on our roads depends on a driver's ability to get proper sleep, be cool and warm as they drive through deserts and mountains in the same day...and are able to concentrate on their driving and paperwork without fumes and the roar of the truck in their ears!

In addition to driver comfort, the recent addition of auxiliary power units provide significant fuel savings during times when the driver must leave a refrigerated truck running its refrigeration unit, wait at loading docks, and even deal with highway traffic jams. Safety and fuel savings are both well served with APU technology.

And then there's reduced wear and tear on the truck! The benefits of APUs just keep on rolling!

Created by Enertek Corporation and licensor Electro Energy Inc, the Gen-A-Sys® solution is a patented auxiliary power unit (A.P.U.) that effectively cuts fuel usage and emissions in long-haul trucks.

Gen-A-Sys has been specifically designed to supply power for all the creature comforts that drivers need, while using significantly less fuel than an idling truck engine would use, reducing an owner-operator's operating costs. The APU system, which includes the diesel/electric hybrid "Q" and the all-electric Day cab "DC" products, features Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries, which – unlike other batteries – are environmentally-conscious and clean, diminishing diesel particulate emissions into the air.

This solution is a "Mobile Comfort System" that provides heat and air conditioning to truck cabs without idling the engine or tapping into other truck systems. It is one of the most versatile units on the market today.

Auxiliary Power Unit – Gen-A-Sys™

  • Hidden from view, protected from road debris
  • Easy access, easy maintenance
  • Battery monitoring capability standard
  • Total unit weighs less than 380 pounds and has constant 5kW of total power.
  • ‘Q’ version (ICS) weighs 510 lbs. total (with batteries inc.)
  • Twin cyl., water cooled or air cooled versions available

Enertek APU Units

Enertek produces two individual Gen-A-Sys products – the all-electric Gen-A-Sys + Day Cab (DC) solution and the Hybrid Q APU.

Paul and Bruce, the co-principals of the company are traveling the country for a month in 2008 in a 1987 fully restored 359 Peterbilt that is equipped with the Hybrid Q APU (they call it the Q for "quiet") and it has a battery backup where the diesel generator charges the batteries up for an hour, then it runs on batteries for 4 hours.

The truck is also equipped with the DC (Day Cab Sim 379), the newest Gen-a-Sys product, with Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries and a low-amp draw HVAC system (3 kW hours). These are the same aerospace military grade batteries that the US Government uses on the B1, B1b, B2, Kiowa, Blackhawk, the ISS (International Space Station) and the Space Shuttle. They have characteristics that far surpass the conventional lead-acid batteries and are better for the environment.

The Gen-A-Sys + DC APU is the ONLY battery-based system that actually works as an all-electric system utilizing Ni-MH batteries, eliminating the need for a small-diesel engine-based generator APU.

The Gen-a-Sys + DC recharges itself either by running down the road driving in normal operations or plugging into 110v outlet and recharging, presumably at night and can still produce heat or cool while doing so.

Enertek has the national distribution rights to Douglas Batteries' (Motive Power famous for its forklift batteries, in business for 85 years now) LPS64013RC (the Legacy Platinum Series 6-40-13 Rapid Charge), which is the newest, latest and greatest for both the transportation and marine industry.

The Gen-a-Sys + DC retails for $7,000 installed, and can use Ni-MH batteries or the LPS64013RC Douglas batteries.

Paul Baumann, principal with Enertek
Phone: 971-998-3899
30 Shelter Rock Road
Danbury, CT 06810

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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