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Green Collar Jobs Campaign Coming to California Legislature

California SB 1672, Steinberg proposes $3 billion in green job funding

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Green jobs for California economy April, 2008 -- There's a new bill in the California State Senate that would invest 3 BILLION dollars in green jobs, education for high school students, and investments in clean energy business! Even better, it specifically focuses on California's most disadvantaged communities to receive green career education, training, and job opportunity. This bill (SB 1672, Steinberg) is in its earliest stages, and your help now is critical so it can hit the ground running!

The Ella Baker Center Initiative is collecting support for the bill. They are working with Senator Darrell Steinberg, a proven, progressive leader respected on all sides, who, later this year, will become President Pro Tem -- the most powerful position in the State Senate.

Their statewide partners in the effort include: Green For All, California Apollo Alliance, California Labor Federation, Sierra Club, and State Construction and Building Trades Council.

The green economy is seen as California's way out of the downward spiral of a pollution-based economy.

The bill will:

  • Fight global warming and pollution by growing the green, clean economy. The bill invests in clean technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency -- all critical to saving ourselves from the global warming climate crisis.
  • Stimulate the green economy and create jobs. The Act provides loans, grants, and incentives for green businesses to grow -- and to create good-paying jobs, a robust economy, and a strong tax base for state and local governments.
  • Help people lift themselves out of poverty through green-collar career opportunities. Millions of Californians are stuck in low-wage, dead-end jobs or face unemployment. This bill focuses on training and career opportunities for Californians left out of the pollution-based economy.
  • Promote high school graduation. Every year, an astounding 150,000 students in California drop out of high school. The bill helps students finish high school and start green careers.

Green-Collar Jobs Campaign Team
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Letter of Support:

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