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Green Enterprise and Data Center Computing Conference

Green computing that conserves energy and emissions can produce significant savings. This conference covers enerprise computing sustainability strategy

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Capitalizing on Current Opportunities and Exploring Future Trends in Energy Efficiency
April 27-30 in Orlando, FL
SPONSOR: Uptime Institute:

Achieving Immediate Gains in Data Center Energy Efficiency

The day starts with three Keynote Interviews in which Institute Executive Director, Ken Brill, asks chief technology and strategy officers of important technology companies the tough questions about their approaches to energy efficiency. Each company executive is paired with a “best” customer to ensure a user perspective.

The Future of Sustainable Green Enterprise Computing

The day begins with Institute Executive Director, Ken Brill, asking three leading manufacturers each accompanied by a “best” customer what “future-future” technology and systems developmental strategies, roadmaps and trends will re-shape energy consumption and carbon-footprint contribution in the next generation of data centers?

Green Enterprise Computing Executive Summit

A special one-day event within the four-day Symposium, Executive Summit is organized to uniquely address the IT Policy, Governance, Economic, and Regulatory issues of greatest concern to “C-Suite” executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, and Chief Sustainability Officer). The day will center around the first-release of a joint McKinsey and Company/Uptime Institute analytical report on transforming data center energy efficiency. Just two of the many potentially provocative recommendations in the Report are the appointment of an internal Energy Czar and formally moving financial accountability for global data center assets from Corporate Real Estate to the CIO.

A McKinsey Roundtable of four Fortune 50-level CIOs (including the CIO of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who has requested to participate) will each discuss how their enterprise is dealing with the changed economics of IT and what initiatives they have undertaken to bring economics, energy efficiency, and corporate social responsibility into balance. This day will include briefings by Department of Energy, EPA Energy Star, California Energy Commission/Silicon Valley Leadership Group – LEED process development, Green Grid, ASHRAE TC 9.9, and other leading industry organizations.

Hear from a couple of the keynote speakers at the symposium:

Christina Page, Yahoo! Energy Czar, Keynotes Symposium Executive Day

In an exclusive podcast for the Uptime Institute, Deborah Grove of Grove Associates and Groves Green IT interviewed Christina Page, Director of Climate and Energy Strategy at Yahoo! and Symposium 2008 Keynote Speaker. According to Page, to help control the rising energy consumption of the data center Industry, carbon footprint benchmarking should become an industry norm in the next 12 to 24 months. "I think it's especially important because it looks like we're going to have regulation around greenhouse gases in this country in the next several years," said Ms. Page. As the Keynote Speaker during the Green Enterprise Computing Executive Summit on Wednesday, April 30, Ms. Page will share forward-thinking efficiency and clean tech initiatives at Yahoo!.


Albert Esser, Dell VP of Data Center Infrastructure and Symposium 2008: Green Enterprise Computing

Esser says that data center energy efficiency is largely an operational challenge. "IT and Facilities must work together and view [energy efficiency] as a joint, holistic challenge. There is no silver bullet.

  • You have to start with the component level, in the server;
  • you have to go through the rack-level optimization,
  • and then through enterprise practices including optimizing power and cooling methods.

Utilize what you have the best you can, both on the IT side and the Facilities side." In this podcast, Albert Esser and Ken Brill, Uptime Institute Executive Director, discuss Dell's commitment to making its server chassis support three genera tions of servers at the present power budget, how raising cold aisle temperatures by five degrees Fahrenheit can significantly cut electricity consumption, and how using power management features and more efficient power supplies can have dramatic impact.


Uptime Institute, Inc.
2904 Rodeo Park Drive East, Building 100
Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA
Symposium 2008 Website

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