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April, 2008 GreenLines Newsletter

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APRIL, 2008
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Earth Day 2008 -- a time to reflect on progress, the challenge and our role in the earth's health and vitality. We've made some really good progress in the past year with business recognizing the climate change challenge as a business leadership issue, and more and more companies thinking through how they can reshape their products, services and operations to live more lightly on the earth.

Greenwashing, yes, there's some of that. But green research -- there's even more of that! People are understanding that they each make a difference. Carbon footprints are huge...and are very personal, and require a personal evaluation and commitment for improvement. Offices are stuck in wasteful systems. Manufacturing is facing raw material shortages...and energy shortages. Transportation is seen as a low-cost "freebie" to throw in to close a sale -- but that is changing with $4 gasoline and diesel.

We have work to do! But we have solutions. As the saying goes, "We have the technology, now we need the will..." And I'm delighted that the will is growing. Our website and GreenLines newsletter ( reach 36,000 business people a month, and calls and emails are from people very serious about doing their job greener, more conscientiously, with more sustainability. Our consumer website, reaches 25,000 people a month who are learning about natural habitat, landscaping, and living with nature.

That gives me hope -- and what better way could there be to celebrate Earth Day!

Carolyn Allen
California Green Solutions

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Seven Free Exhibit Spaces Available for Green Companies at Economic Development Conference in Anaheim, May 1

Exhibiting at the Green Expo is an excellent opportunity for Green Entrepreneurs to meet the professionals who work at the local level to help them thrive and grow in California—Local Economic Developers. This is a special venue for them to share their green products, services, and processes with each other and with State leaders including:
  • Lt. Governor Garamendi
  • Dale Bonner, Secretary of California's Business, Transportation, and Housing Agency
  • Brian Mc Gowan, Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Commerce, CA BT&H Agency

The Green expo is FREE to organization with green products or services and takes place at the Disneyland hotel in Anaheim, Thursday, May 1, 3:20-6:30pm. Exhibitors will be provided a 10x10 space with two chairs and a 6 foot draped table. Popup booths are welcomed. Set up time is 11:30am - 1:30pm

If interested call Heather Copeland, Exceptional Events, Inc. at 916-443-3800 or email at Spaces are available on a first come first serve basis.

About California association for Local Economic Development: CALED is a statewide professional economic development organization advancing its members’ role in delivering economic development services to community and business clients. For more information about CALED or the Growing Local Economies Conference visit


NOTE: There's a new section on the Website: "LEADERSHIP". It includes articles for "Governance", "C-Suite Management", and "Global Views" to help SME executives plan their sustainable business strategies.


Getting Started with Carbon Management Strategy
Five steps to corporate carbon management for compliance, market penetration and business efficiency. [Read more]

2006 Was a Turning Point for Global Climate Change Trends for Energy

2006 was watershed year for changing trends regarding climate change [Read more]

SBA Loans for Small Businesses Fit Variety of Needs
SBA loans are administered by Safe-Bidco, a nonprofit that provide guidance and a wide variety of specialized loans [Read more]

The Face of Leadership
People rate leadership of faces on competence, dominance, likeability, facial maturity and trustworthiness, [Read more]

Green Enterprise and Data Center Computing Conference
Green computing that conserves energy and emissions can produce significant savings. This conference covers enterprise computing sustainability strategy [Read more]

EPA Annual Report Highlights Trends in Region 9 - Including California
EPA reports trends in environmental progress for western region including California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, 146 tribes, and several Pacific Islands. [Read more]


Consumers Will Pay More for Green When It Is Easy
Consumers want to support Renewable Resources and US Farmers with recycling, water savings and energy savings! [Read more]

Sustainable Packaging Progress in 2008
Sustainable packaging resources for greener carbon footprint of packaged goods [Read more]


Americans View Health as the NEW Symbol of Success
Survey shows that health is more important as gauge of success than wealth or fashion. [Read more]

The GREEN HOUR is Magical for Both Parents and Children
Time outdoors is vital for both children and parents, as well as educational and health sustaining. [Read more]

Action Speaks Loudly for EPA Environmental Award Winners in SoCal
Individuals and teams contribute to conservation and quality of life in Southern California [Read more]

Ecoffins: Eco-Friendly, All Natural and Biodegradable Alternatives for Green Burials and Cremation
Environmentally green coffins for the funeral industry [Read more]


California Beverage Container Recycling Market Development and Expansion Grant Program 2008
Businesses, nonprofit organizations, cities, counties, joint powers authorities, universities, tribes, and state or federal government entities are invited to submit concept papers by May 12, 2008. [Read more]

John Todd's EcoMachine to Reclaim Wastewater & Ecological Balance
Wastewater treatment to reclaim water for recycling and create ecological systems [Read more]

Open House for ReUse People
Pacoima, May 10

ReUse People greens the community and helps education and nonprofits at the same time! [Read more]


Green logistics for 30% carbon footprint reduction
DHL transportation sets carbon offset goals with sustainable logistics program [Read more]


Energy Efficiency Expo at SoCal Gas
Downey CA, April 29

Energy efficiency and energy incentives one-day regional expo in Southern California/Los Angeles area. Great information! [Read more]

Consumers Can Take FIRST STEP in Solar or Wind Generation
Consumer information to get started with renewable energy using solar or wind power [Read more]

Solar Power Partners is Turnkey Solar Provider of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
Complete no-upfront cost solar systems are installed, maintained and managed by turnkey solution providers [Read more]


Little to No Improvement in Food Safety, According to CDC and FDA
Food safety is an important problem, one that begins on the farm and continues to the kitchen [Read more]

Sustainable Land Management Practices Sequester Carbon
Sustainable land practices such as organic farming provides proven, immediate carbon sequestration [Read more]

Does the Farm Bill Affect Your Urban Dinner Plate?
The Farm Bill shapes agricultural choice that affects health and environmental impact [Read more]

Green Fisheries and Marine Stewardship Council
Fisheries in UK reach tipping point in marine sustainability eco-practices [Read more]

Terra Preta Soil Improvement and Carbon Sequestration
Soil can hold organic carbon to fertilize our soil for hundreds of years [Read more]

Pacific's Northern California Marine Feeding Grounds Likely to Get Federal Protection
Federal ocean protection might protect Northern California's rich marine feeding grounds from oil drilling [Read more]

"To know and not to do is not to know." Chinese proverb
"Let us dare to read, think and write." John Adams
"The Native People of California all voted to switch to a 100% acorn diet on October 2, 9,000 BC. This continued until research showed the high carb diet actually can contribute to obesity and heart disease. At this point they turned to salmon in order to increase their Omega 3 fatty acids. Later they learned the importance of wasabi and soy." :-) Peter Brigham
"My works are like water. The works of the great masters are like wine. But everybody drinks water." Mark Twain
"A gung-ho attitude says 'we can change things here, we can achieve awesome goals, we can be the best.' Spare me the grim litany of the 'realist,' give me the unrealistic aspirations of the optimist any day." Colin Powell

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