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In the process of researching what's happening with green jobs, I never once found a reference to creating one's OWN green jobs. But having spoken to dozens, if not hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past two years, I know that many people aren't waiting for someone else to create a green job for them... they believe in self reliance and initiative to create that green job for their future.

What's involved in creating your own green job?

Hobby Businesses

Some people will be happy with a sideline job -- a hobby -- that provides them with balance, with interesting projects, with new friends who provide a "birds of a feather' camaraderie, opportunities to develop creativity and craftsmanship ...and some supplemental income.

Local Mom and Pop Businesses

Others want a small, local business that is "human scale" and that will provide their families with a modest income. These businesses don't always succeed...and they don't always stay small. I'm sure you can think of several national brands that started on the kitchen table, or in the garage, and grew into major national brands. However, most do stay "human scale", and provide quality goods and services for a local market. These are the traditional "Mom and Pop" businesses that are the core of American small towns and urban neighborhoods.

High Growth Entrepreneurs

I always get a kick out of the "young bucks" form of entrepreneurship. It's not a gender reference, but an age and stage of life reference. Young adults in their 20s and 30s are full of ideas and idealism... and energy. Many of these ambitious young adults can handle families and active social lives and starting a high-growth business with national or global reach. These are the entrepreneurial candidates that venture capitalists hunger for!

Why? Because they will work insane hours. They are inspired with their own grand visions. They have families to support...and are feeling their peak power!

Lifelong Entrepreneurs

And some people are lifelong entrepreneurs. Filled with inventions and innovative ideas and networks of colleagues and a burning desire to make the world a better place. These entrepreneurs aren't always highly ambitious for size...but for impact. They can be 30 or 40 or 50 or even 70. They often start hobby, or craft or consulting or virtual businesses that aren't intended to become Fortune 500 companies...but they can grow their companies steadily to be national players in their niche markets. They have a bit harder time getting venture or angel investment because they don't have that burning in the belly. But as research is showing, people over 50 are some of the most ardent environmental action-eers! They quietly make things happen.

Which are you?

These are rough categories and impressions I've formed over 30 years working with entrepreneurs and small business leaders. What they have in common is that they create their own jobs. Some have had bad experiences with layoffs and creative differences, but many want to test their mettle -- to take advantage of America's freedom to pursue happiness and forture... to forge an opportunity to be their own boss and see what they can contribute to their world.

I admire these do-it-yourselfers and that's the reason I created California Green Solutions -- both because I'm one of those birds of a feather... and because I enjoy telling their inspiring stories.

So...if you're one of my fellow solo fliers, please tell me your story so I can pass it along! :-)


Edited by Carolyn Allen
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