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May 2008 GreenLines Newsletter

MAY 2008 California Green Solutions Newsletter for Green Business and Green Communities

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California Green

MAY, 2008
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TRENDS this month have to do with the national economy in turmoil, California facing budget shortfalls, and business pundits unsure whether the economy is going up or down ...

... but they're very sure that other regions of the globe are doing better...or worse than the US :-)!

EXPORTS are up -- the ports have a shortage of containers and shipping lines can't build enough ships to keep up with demand. The price of steel and tight financing are affecting prices and availability. (What a change from last November!)

The WEAK DOLLAR is bringing international investors into the market. I'm hearing that it's easier to work with investors from Australia and Canada than from the US. Hmmmm. Russia and Brazil are new hot spots for economic booms, China is "changing", and India is "delicate".

There's no place like HOME! With increasing costs for transportation and raw materials -- balancing biz dev in local and regional sourcing and sales can be a good strategy for sustainable business development.

NATURE is at the heart of green business and green communities, and nature makes itself felt with earthquakes, heavy rains, and looming drought in California. State officials are predicting widespread water shortages this summer -- take steps now to identify your critical water needs -- and start trimming any excesses to help keep the reservoirs stocked. We're in this together!

GREEN WORKSPACES -- There's growing interest from employees and even building owners to green facilities for greater savings, productivity, property value in these challenging times ... and health.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES have to do with tightening credit for both business and housing -- increasing the need for responsible, creative, financial strategy. (And opportunities for "risk reduction" and "cost saving" green solutions! Think: sell a service instead of hardware...etc.)

Tech companies offer financing to ease credit crunch
Ingram Micro is among the many tech companies and other retailers offering financing options to business customers caught in the credit crunch.
Ingram is offering to finance software purchases with no money down.
Office Depot is set to begin a computer rental program later this year
Microsoft to lend $1.25 billion to customers compared to $780 million last year.

Among U.S. companies with more than 250 employees, financing through technology vendors more than tripled in 2007 compared to 2006, according to USA TODAY (5/12)

I keep my ear to the ground for ways you can connect with your markets. We provide market intelligence with green smarts -- so we provide info and connections in a variety of ways. Here are some ways we can help -- let us know if these opportunities can benefit you...

GREEN BIZ DEV -- Would you benefit from a regional group of green suppliers who want to network for green deals & market connections? If you do biz dev with sales, pr, relationship building, etc. you might be interested. We're planning a first get-acquainted and "scope out the need" meeting in the LOS ANGELES area for late May. If you'd like to be invited, drop me an email or a phone call. We're considering a format of occasional face-to-face meetings balanced with conference calls/webinars to maximize convenience and reduce time and travel.

ENTREPRENEUR CAPITAL -- We receive a number of calls every month from entrepreneurs looking for capital, and a few from potential investors. Being a long time entrepreneur myself, I know that entrepreneurs need diverse, creative strategies for funding: investment, barter, credit cards, factoring, budgeting skills, personal/business balance...etc. If you'd like to be part of an entrepreneurial money-club, let me know. In case you have a "group" you might like to know about the service we'll be using: that helps groups with event registration and meeting promotion.

Mini-ESCO -- We're putting together a program to green small businesses and we are looking for high quality vendors for energy, water, lighting, transportation, etc. -- a diverse OFFICE GREENING program. If you provide up fits, renovation, and employee programs for greening buildings, please raise your hand. We'd like to talk with you. Call Carolyn Allen -

Tourism For California

Summer is coming...and international tourism is booming. The weak dollar is bringing a bevy of international visitors. This is a great time to work with California's tourism industry to make the world aware of our innovative California solutions. Global arrivals growth exceeded expectations once again, growing by an estimated 5.5% in 2007.

Ideas: Put your green products and marcom materials in local hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues...and put out a notice on your website that you'd like to meet your community when they come to California for a great vacation. On average, Europeans are even more green-savvy than the American public!

AAA has released a forecast that says 360,000 fewer Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Memorial Day weekend.

Economic downturns tend to see more local and regional vacation plans -- so prepare for more California tourists!

Total direct travel spending in California was $96.7 billion in 2007, surpassing 2006 spending impacts by 3.6 percent. Travel spending in California directly supported 924,100 jobs, with earnings of $30 billion. Travel spending generated the greatest number of jobs in arts, entertainment and recreation (226,500 jobs), and accommodations and food service (534,000).

The U.S. attracted a record 56.7 million international visitors in 2007, and visitor spending rose 14% to $122.7 billion, also a record. Visitors spent more in the U.S. than American travelers spent abroad, doubling the surplus to $17.8 billion. Tourism now accounts for 8% of the U.S. exports and 26% of service-industry exports, and is the U.S. economy's largest service export. Growth in arrivals was strong both for adjacent markets of Canada and Mexico and for overseas markets, many of which set records with double-digit growth over 2006.

Mexico and Canada account for more visitors than all overseas combined: 466,000 Mexican air travelers, roughly 8.6 million Mexican visitors traveling to and through California by land(2005), (including 4.8 million day visitors) and 1,037,000 Canadians.
More Statistics about California Tourism:

Green Jobs

NOTE: We're building a new section on the Website: "GREEN JOBS", as well as a related section on "Green Job Training". We'll be researching and reporting trends and resources for employers and job hunters to help green companies meet their talent strategies. We are researching this section for full launch in June, and if you can send us a brief overview of WHO you recruit, WHAT skills they need, and the KINDS OF JOBS your company typically has, we'll build out this section to make it a great place for people to connect with you.

We are receiving more frequent calls from job applicants who want to find a "green job"...and want to know what knowledge, skills and credentials they need to work in the green field. Here's your opportunity to help develop the growing labor pool you need for the coming years!

Blog Writers

We're creating a platform of blogs for specialized applications to take the green message to the general market. So if you'd like to blog occasionally about your high-efficiency and green solutions, let me know.

The blogs include SOLUTIONS FOR: Alternative Energy; Energy Star; Events; Furniture; Gift Baskets; Green Marketing; Landscaping; LED Lights; Lighting; Offices; Organics; Remodeling; Solar Energy; and Trees/Forestry.

... and green blogs are: SOLUTIONS FOR: Climate Change; Green Living; Sustainability.

Traffic is growing on the first group we're launching: LED Lights, Lighting, Remodeling, Green Marketing, Alternative Energy and Landscaping! We'd love to include your solutions on these blogs -- get in early. We provide live links to your website and like to provide full coverage of your solutions: product groups and services!



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"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Winston Churchill "Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted counts." Albert Einstein
"It's easier to make changes with a pencil than a wrecking bar." Frank Lloyd Wright
"A gung-ho attitude says 'we can change things here, we can achieve awesome goals, we can be the best.' Spare me the grim litany of the 'realist,' give me the unrealistic aspirations of the optimist any day." Colin Powell

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