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Building and Energy Job Training & Certification

Building and facility job training resources by Energy Star, BOC, LEED and more.

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Building Operator Certification (BOC)

Building Operator Certification (BOC) is a nationally recognized training and certification program for building operators offering improved job skills and more comfortable, energy-efficient facilities. Training programs teaching skills to improve building energy efficiency. BOC is an IFMA Approved Provider Program for the Facility Management Professional (FMP) and Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designations. BOC offers FMP candidates with course offerings to assist in earning the FMP designation. BOC courses also provide CFM/FMP Maintenance Points for recertification. Building Operator Certification - California

Where To Find Continuing Education Classes

Energy Design Resources

Energy Design Resources offers a valuable palette of energy design tools and resources that help make it easier to design and build energy-efficient commercial and industrial buildings in California. The goal of this effort is to educate architects, engineers, lighting designers, and developers about techniques and technologies that contribute to energy efficient nonresidential new construction. Additionally, design tools that reduce the time you spend evaluating the energy use impact of your design decisions are provided here at no cost.

The development of Energy Design Resources is funded by California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Online information and tools for self-education:

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Building Performance: Technical Resources for Commissioning, Benchmarking and Measurement; Training; Research Activities; International Efforts and Sector-Specific Resources.


Self-guided presentations, on-line web conferences, and pre-recorded trainings to help you improve the energy performance of your organization.

Energy Star Training Center

The ENERGY STAR Training Center is designed to serve as a resource for partners looking to improve their sales effectiveness. Find tools and information to help you convey to your staff, customers, or business partners how ENERGY STAR can help them protect the environment while saving energy and money.


ENERGY STAR currently labels products in more than 50 categories, from televisions and air conditioners to clothes washers and computers. ENERGY STAR qualified products have the same features consumers look for in conventional models, but use less energy.

Energy Star Business Campaigns

To promote the benefits of ENERGY STAR to consumers, EPA/DOE encourages partners to participate in seasonal promotional campaigns. Campaign outreach includes print advertising, in-store signage, and utility rebates (where available) that encourage consumer demand for products that have earned the ENERGY STAR.

Utilities/Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS)

Utilities/Energy Efficiency Program Sponsors (EEPS) partners play a large role in educating consumers about ENERGY STAR. EEPS resources include links to product information and best practices in retail training by our EEPS partners.

Buildings and Plants

ENERGY STAR offers Training sessions and presentations to help you improve energy performance throughout your organization.

Service & Product Providers

For organizations offering equipment or energy efficiency services for commercial or industrial buildings and facilities, ENERGY STAR offers: Training sessions and presentations to help you improve energy performance for your customers.


RESNET - Home Energy Ratings

RESNET: Residential Energy Services Network ensure the success of the of the building energy performance certification industry, set the standards of quality, and increase the opportunity for ownership of high performance buildings. RESNET is a membership 501-C-3 non profit organization.

To achieve its goal of setting the standards for quality of rating services, RESNET has adopted the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards.

California's HERS Rating System

The California Energy Commission is required by Public Resources Code Section 25942 to establish regulations for a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program to certify home energy rating services in California.

The California HERS Program includes field verification and diagnostic testing available through Commission-certified providers. The Energy Commission has a process for certifying Home Energy Rating System (HERS) raters who perform third-party inspections when verification of duct sealing, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), refrigerant charge, airflow measurement, and building envelope sealing measures are used when complying with the 2005 Standards (effective October 1, 2005). Testing and verification protocols are summarized and located in both the Residential and Nonresidential Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing Regulations Manuals.


People interested in becoming certified HERS raters should contact:

California Certified Energy Rating & Testing Services CalCERTS

California Building Performance Contractors Association CBPCA

California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System CHEERS

The Energy Efficiency Hotline is: (800) 772-3300 or (916) 654-5106

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