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Business Solar Provides Grid-Tied Disributed Utility - e5 Clean Energy, Agoura Hills, CA

Power Purchase Agreement by e5 Clean Energy provides no upfront cost solution for business solar energy system

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e5 Solar PPA for business solar energy systems

Solar is a highly preferred solution for energy generation. Both residential and commercial applications of PV and solar thermal applications are thriving. Upfront costs and the high early-phase of any technological solution affect a business's timing for adoption. There are solutions coming onstream. One solar solution is "Grid-Tied Disributed Generation" by complete solution companies such as e5 Clean Energy, Agoura Hills, CA

Energy Costs for Food Sector

With energy costs climbing, businesses in manufacturing, agricultural and food processing sectors are feeling the squeeze. Few businesses are as sensitive to price fluctuations as growers and other food-related businesses. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that the food processing sector alone currently consumes about 6 percent of the total energy used by all U.S. industries.

While price spikes in the oil, gas and electricity markets may once have been considered an unavoidable cost of doing business, emerging sources of renewable energy are now offering alternatives.

One energy and cost saving option is "grid-tied" on-site solar systems which enable businesses to convert otherwise wasted rooftop space into emission-free, self-contained power plants.

Integrated Business Solar Solutions

e5 Clean Energy of Agoura Hills, Calif. is an emerging vendor in this growing market, offering its clients a broad spectrum of integrated solar solutions, robust enough to supply a large portion of their energy needs during the high demand time of day.

e5 Solar PPA for business solar energy systems

Ronald Means, CEO of e5 Clean Energy, says that with oil substantially over $100 a barrel, and the memory of California’s infamous rolling blackouts still fresh, distributed solar generation is an approach that is catching on fast.

A report issued in May, 2008 by the Solar Energy Industries Association which found that the installation of rooftop solar energy systems by businesses grew an impressive 45 percent in 2007 alone.

Grid-tied Solar Systems

The completely self-contained solar power solutions are dubbed "grid-tied" systems because they’re connected to the local energy grid, enabling the business to sell unneeded power to the area utility provider. Industry observers say the trend has been spurred by federal tax incentives and increasing power costs.

"The capital costs required to purchase, install and maintain solar energy systems created a strong barrier for most businesses," he commented. "e5 Clean Energy’s Solar Solutions provide our customers with the infrastructure at no cost and delivers reliable, clean solar power at a competitive and predicable price. The only thing we require of our customers is that they purchase the solar power our systems are generating."

PRIVATE UTILITY Once installed on the rooftop of the customer, e5 Clean Energy acts as a private utility, delivering electricity as needed on a fixed-price basis.

BACKUP POWER SYSTEM The e5 system can also serve as an emergency backup power resource, a real plus for facilities in urban areas that occasionally experience power interruptions at peak hours.

"We see having the availability of a reliable secondary energy source as a strong selling point for businesses interested in mitigating risk and avoid costly downtime with a ‘solar safety net’," Mr. Means added.

LOWER OPERATING COSTS "By greatly reducing our clients’ energy costs they can lower operating expenses while managing their greenhouse gas output," he said. "It even gives them a chance to demonstrate to stakeholders that they’re dong the right thing environmentally, which is a win-win for everyone."

ENERGY TRENDS With little chance of price stability in the utility market anytime soon, e5 Clean Energy executives predict many more companies will turn to solar, although they expect the market will become more selective in choosing a renewable energy partner and increasingly demanding when it comes to choosing a comprehensive solution.

By beginning each client relationship with a thorough analysis of their energy usage, engineers can create highly customized effective strategies to reduce costs and manage future energy supply risks.

REDUCE GHG EMISSIONS "Our focus is on creating a truly integrated solution that both reduces GHG emissions to an absolute minimum while maximizing the benefits of the solar electric system to its fullest potential," Mr. Means stated.

MANAGE RISK "In addition to installing, maintaining and monitoring our clients’ renewable energy supply, we partner with industry experts to assess each customer’s carbon footprint and help them manage the financial risks associated with future regulations related to GHG emissions."

e5 Clean Energy's Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Solar Power

e5 Clean Energy is in the business of selling clean power, not solar systems. e5 Clean Energy designs, installs, and maintains customized solar energy systems for their clean energy clients to provide them with an additional source of power at a competitive and predicable price.

An e5 customer pays only for the power generated from the solar system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and saves money over the course of the contract by locking in their cost of power.

About e5 Clean Energy

e5 Clean Energy is committed to a cleaner environment through the vision of a more efficient, distributed, and competitive renewable energy infrastructure. e5 supplies dependable and economically viable renewable solar power using sustainable technologies. They are able to deliver clean, reliable solar power at competitive rates, save their customers money, and serve as a company’s local clean power company.

e5 Clean Energy
Ricky Helland
(805) 277-7297

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