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3TIER Posts Online 5 km Wind Map of Mexico

3TIER provides wind, solar and hydro energy assessment and power forecasting for North America, Latin America and Asia.

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FirstLook Assessment(tm) helps developers and policy makers prospect for wind energy from Canada to Mexico. The information provider, 3TIER North America, has added Mexico to its FirstLook Assessment(tm) mapping tool, providing online access to a 5 km wind data set for most of North America for a fast, cost-effective, Web-based assessment of wind resources to prospect for wind farm locations.

"At a 5 km resolution, FirstLook Assessment provides wind developers with the fastest way to cost-effectively prospect for most of North America," said Pascal Storck, president of 3TIER, an independent provider of global renewable energy assessment and forecasting. "We're expanding our FirstLook online mapping tool for the United States and Canada, as we expect more developers to begin exploring wind potential in Mexico. Our advantage is convenience and cost savings at a fraction of the price of a traditional wind assessment."

Wind Energy Development Information

"The biggest barrier to developing renewable energy is the lack of available information about the potential resource," said Arturo Méndez, 3TIER director of business development for Latin America and the Caribbean. "Having an accurate map of the wind resources in Mexico, readily available on the Web, that provides a fast and easy way to prospect and rank potential wind development locations will dramatically accelerate the ability in Mexico to bring projects online. And that will help Mexico to meet its energy needs in an environmentally responsible way."

REmapping the World initiative

The 5 km mapping of Mexico was announced at WINDPOWER 2008, North America's largest wind energy event, sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association. This announcement is part of 3TIER's "REmapping the World(tm)," a longer-term, global initiative launched in March 2008 when 3TIER unveiled a global wind map at a 15 km resolution.

3TIER's REmapping the World initiative is focused on accelerating the development of renewable energy projects globally by providing information, publicly accessible on the Internet, about where global wind resources potentially exist.

"REmapping the World is meant to answer initial questions about what kind of wind potential exists globally," said Kenneth Westrick, 3TIER CEO and founder. "The first 15 km map provides enough resolution so countries and organizations can begin to look at the potential wind resource at a regional level. If we want developing nations to 'leapfrog' over fossil fuels, they need information about what renewable energy resources exist."

Over 18 months, 3TIER plans to continue to map the world for wind at a higher resolution of 5 km, country by country, based upon a priority order that takes into account such issues as renewable energy policies, availability of the wind resource and economic development status. The 5 km maps will be available through the FirstLook Assessment online tool. Following Mexico, 3TIER plans to release FirstLook maps for Chile and Columbia on June 30, 2008.

"FirstLook is a prospecting tool for countries and developers to quickly and cost effectively determine whether a potential location is a 'go' or a 'no go.' Once a site has been identified, most projects will need additional assessment to move forward," said Storck. "FirstLook was developed to work in tandem with our FullView Assessment, the most comprehensive, high-resolution resource assessment available. After FirstLook, 3TIER can provide a customer with a 90 m resolution FullView Assessment anywhere in the world in less than a month."

Additionally, customers can augment FirstLook's wind assessment by purchasing geographic information system (GIS) layers to evaluate annual average wind speeds at specific grid points and at certain heights, allowing customers to customize the FirstLook data to more rapidly prospect and map potential wind project sites.

Technical highlights of FirstLook include:

  • Accessible via the Internet 24/7
  • A two-step, point-and-click process on a Web-based interactive map
  • Results are presented in a PDF format report
  • Uses 3TIER's cutting edge numerical weather prediction (NWP) modeling technology. Model simulations were made at a spatial resolution of 5 km and are interpolated for specific areas
  • FirstLook maps are validated against publicly available observations, which are used to correct the simulations and provide customers with a unique confidence rating for each report
  • The FirstLook 5 km interactive maps cover the continental United States, Canada and Alaska up to the 70th parallel, and Mexico

To learn more about REmapping the World visit: .

In addition to wind assessment services, 3TIER provides a full suite of assessment and forecasting services for wind, hydro and solar energy projects. 3TIER uses its knowledge about weather, climate and their impacts on weather-driven renewable energy resources to help customers make better decisions about their investments - before, during and after their projects are built.

3TIER is one of the largest independent providers of wind, solar and hydro energy assessment and power forecasting worldwide with offices in North America, Latin America and Asia to provide scientific information for decisions about renewable energy projects - from the prospecting stage to operations.

3TIER North America
2001 Sixth Avenue
Suite 2100
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: 206.325.1573

June 2, 2008

Edited by Carolyn Allen, owner/editor of California Green Solutions
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