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Brownfields Reclamation and Land Management Resources

US EPA provides extensive training, funding and resources for reclamation of brownfields that range from agricultural sites to urban industrial sites.

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Envisioning Greener Cleanups and Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields

At Brownfields 2008, a Design Charrette united federal, state and local public and private sector initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of site cleanups and promote sustainable reuse. This extended session brought technical and visual information to focus on the following four areas:

Deconstruction, Demolition and Removal Cleanup, Remediation, and Waste Management Design and Construction for Reuse Sustainable Use and Long Term Stewardship

Brownfields remediation planning can create new opportunities to protect the environmental and public health by examining efforts to make brownfields cleanup and revitalization processes more sustainable.

Rather than merely focusing on redevelopment, a charrette can begin with the site investigation and cleanup, proceed through the construction and redevelopment, and end with the long-term site operation.

The goals of a Brownfields Design Charrette are to:

  • Learn and share ideas and site approaches that: minimize stormwater runoff; minimize contaminant exposure; minimize greenhouse gas emissions; minimize other air pollutants; maximize public health benefits; and, maximize ecological function at site.

  • Develop integrated design approaches for local brownfield sites within Detroit which carefully consider the social, economic, environmental, and public health goals for the affected neighborhoods

  • Create a community of practice to advance national efforts to green cleanups and further sustainable revitalization and reuse efforts.

Fundamentals of Urban Real Estate Development: The Basics for Every Brownfield

Downtowns are often exceptional locations for development opportunities that are good for the environment and good for the local economy. So if you're someone that's interested in urban redevelopment, what do you need to know?

What are the real estate risks and rewards?

How do you identify opportunities and assemble parcels?

How to obtain financing and what happens when there is a gap?

What are the constraints (regulatory, environmental, economic, community) that could impact development?

Who are the stakeholders and how do you balance their needs and desires?

Is the project going to be profitable?

Quality reclamation of brownfields can make a difference in urban redevelopment, while making money.

Health Impact Assessments for Healthy Places

The origins of both community planning and public health are rooted in the goals of protecting the public from outbreaks of disease and improving the quality of life for all.

Health impact assessment (HIA) is one of the ways that communities can begin to address these issues. HIA is broadly, “…a practical assessment of policies, programs and projects that may affect the public’s health, and which provides recommendations to maximize positive health effects and minimizing the negative health aspects of proposals, policies and projects.” HIA can be used to take a proactive approach to integrating health considerations into Brownfield redevelopment decisions.

Brownfield strategies can address environmental justice & health disparities, worker health, safety & training, institutional controls, community involvement, and EPA & ATSDR brownfields programs.

Downtowns: Business Leaders Champion Urban Investment

Renewed attention to America’s urban cores and downtowns has started to turn the tide in many cities, once thought to be in a steady state of decline. As live, work, and play options attract a new generation of urban dwellers, hollowed out cities are beginning to fill in with new economic and social activity.

Much has been done in many places, but its no secret that there is a long way to go still, and many places have not benefited from the new urbanism.

Some visionary CEOs of major corporations have decided to “invest” in the downtown marketplace. They think downtowns are important and they have chosen to lead their company back to the urban core and not the metropolitan fringe.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization provides brownfield grantees, lenders, and project developers with an overview of:

Phase I All Appropriated Inquiries activities in the brownfield redevelopment process

Phase II environmental site assessment and cleanup process

Brownfields and Environmental Law

Environmental Law Symposiums address Legal Liabilities -- What's Left After the Amendments to CERCLA. Topics include analysis of third party liability issues, legal mechanisms to protect buyers, and a discussion on the importance of due care in maintaining liability protection.

Brownfields Annual Conference

Brownfields 2008 was an annual conference that brings together local, state and federal land management specialists who work to reclaim contaminated land sites

Brownfields Insurance

This site has been developed with funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist those seeking information and assistance with insurance products that mitigate environmental liabilities associated with brownfield properties. Here, you can find information about brokers, insurers, and lawyers; library resources about brownfields insurance; and a glossary of terms.

US EPA Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization

Brownfields are real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties takes development pressures off of undeveloped, open land, and both improves and protects the environment. On this site, you can find information about US EPA's Brownfields Program including the Brownfields Law, US EPA Brownfields Grants, technical tools and resources as well as information on brownfields projects across the county.

Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization This official website provides a wide variety and in-depth information for brownfields reclamation such as:

  • Brownfields Law
  • Brownfields Tax Incentive
  • Apply for Funding
  • Job Training Report

City of Los Angeles Brownfields Program Resources

The Brownfields Toolkit

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