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Water Conservation Links for California's Drought

2008 California drought starts with voluntary conservation...and will move to mandatory water cuts. Here's how to start early to reduce future cuts.

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Water Conservation Links for California Businesses and Residents


California Water Districts & Associations:
Your local water district is often a good resource for rebates, water conservation tips specific to your climate/area, and other information concern water use in your community. UC Berkeley has put together the following listing of water districts and agencies in California.

dwrWater Conservation Tips & Drought Guidebook:
The California Department of Water Resources has put together a Water Conservation Tips sheet, and a 2008 Urban Drought Guidebook. Both are a good source of information regarding ways you can reduce your water use.

rebatesSmart Rebates Program:
Smart Rebates is a statewide program administered by the California Urban Water Conservation Council that offers a wide-ranging list of measures for conservation product and appliance rebates in areas that have never before operated programs. Residential and commercial customers of participating water utilities may qualify for Smart Rebates. Verify that your water utility is participating in the Smart Rebates Program and which water-saving fixtures and appliances are being rebated in your area.

WaterSense, a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, makes it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment. Look for the WaterSense label to choose quality, water-efficient products. Many products are available, and don't require a change in your lifestyle. Explore the this link to learn about WaterSense labeled products, saving water, and how businesses and organizations can partner with WaterSense.

nrcsWater Conservation In Your Backyard:
Wise use of water for garden and lawn waterings not only helps protect the environment, but saves money and provides for optimum growing conditions. Use this resource by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to learn simple ways of reducing the amount of water used for irrigation.

waterwiseWatering Calculator:
The Watering Calculator is intended to be used with zip codes for urban Southern California. It was developed by the city of San Diego. It is a tool that estimates the right amount of water to give your landscape or garden every week. The service is provided by the Metropolitan Water District and The Family of Southern California Water Agencies.

waterwiseWaterwiser Drip Calculator:
The Drip Calculator can show you how much water is being wasted at your home or business due to leaky faucets and fixtures.

dept logoWATERGY Software:
WATERGY is a spreadsheet model that uses water/energy relationship assumptions to analyze the potential of water savings and associated energy savings. The spreadsheet allows input of utility data (energy and water cost and consumption data for the most recent twelve months) and facility data (number and kind of water consuming/moving devices and their water consumption and/or flow rates). It then estimates direct water, direct energy, and indirect energy annual savings, as well as total cost and payback times for a number of conservation methods.

flexFlex Your Power:
Flex Your Power's website is a resource for energy efficiency and conservation information. Find incentives/rebates, technical assistance, retailers, product guides, case studies and more.

dwrCalifornia Droughts Background:
The California Department of Water Resources has put together an informative backgroud page providing historical facts/trends concerning drought in California, and is a good resource to gain a greater perspective on the most recent drought concerns.


water saver homeH2Ouse - Water Saver Home:
The California Urban Water Conservation Council has put together a virtual home that demonstrates the many ways you can help conserve water in your own abode. Take the tour to investigate your water saving opportunities and learn more about household water conservation.

epaResidential Water Conservation Techniques:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released this simple computer program in 1991 that shows a multiude of ways to save water in your home and protect the environment, all while sazing money as well. Though a bit aged, the program still provides vital information for any individual seeking to help conserve.

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