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Staycations and Cocooning...Summer '08 Options

Get ready for vibrant upsurges in the fall. Get your green marketing strategies in mailing lists, new materials, new training to keep up with the latest compliance and incentive shifts.

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Staycations Bring Hidden B2B Opportunities for R&R

The new word in vogue is "staycations"...for those with an aversion to soaring oil prices in the pursuit of R&R.

Local is good, according to staycationeers. It's time to return to enjoying the peace and quiet of home; the local sites you've been meaning to explore, good friends, family...and quiet solitude. They all matter.

Local businesses will need to adapt to more in-towners as the have their regular customers stop by for a little TLC...and new staycationers who could become long term customers -- just because of their local residence.

June-August are easily the most oil-hungry months of the year because they are the months of highest vacation rates. August usually trumps them all. And B2B sales forces also usually notice a slump during those months.

So how to you adjust?

B2B Sales and Marketing Sunshine

Get ready for vibrant upsurges in the fall. Get your marketing strategies in mailing lists, new materials, new training to keep up with the latest compliance and incentive shifts. Maybe you'll identify a new niche market...or birth a new green solution!

You've probably heard that federal solar supports have lost their footing. That could affect your strategies. Wind supports are waning. The political season is heating up and it appears that the old guard is losing their program support in preparation for new initiatives by the incoming new guard.

Summer might be a good time to become familiar with shifting political winds in the green space. Green building. Alternative energy. Incentive programs. State and municipal incentive programs. Availability of popular solutions such as solar and biodiesel.

Don't let the fall upsurge surprise you!

Take a good green book along on your staycation at the park or pool and get re-inspired! We have much to do...and the road ahead will be exciting if you are prepared and set your sites on the goal of a more conscientious society.

We'll be here for you during your staycation exploration and planning. Check out our daily tidbits that provide you with innovative solutions to consider both for yourself and for your colleagues!

And pass the word along...your staycation buddies will get bored occasionally and will enjoy a stimulating conversation with you about the new technologies, new techniques, rising challenges...and even acknowledgment of successful steps along your pathway to a more sustainable community!

Have a great staycation!

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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