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Conversion of Your Vehicle for Fuel Alternatives

Save fuel costs with car and truck conversions...and conservation measures that cost little and deliver real savings.

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Vehicle Fuel Conversions to Meet Today's Rising Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas...etc. Prices

Converting a vehicle to alternative fuels in an option many people are looking at to meet the need for cost savings and going greener.

Aftermarket Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV

Conventional original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicles altered to operate on propane, natural gas, methane gas, ethanol, or electricity are classified as aftermarket alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) conversions.
Alternative fuels for
vehicles include:
Fuel Blends include:
Emerging Fuels include:

In the United States, all vehicle conversions (except those to run on electricity) must meet current applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. EPA instituted these standards to assure unimpaired emission control of motor vehicles throughout their useful life.

Converion of California Vehicles

Vehicles operating in California must follow conversion rules issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

CARB - Alternative Fuel Aftermarket

Alternatives to Conversion Alternatives

Not everyone is prepared to convert their vehicle to a different fuel -- the fuel stations might not be nearby or accessible. The cost might be too high. The age of the vehicle might interfere with projected alternative fuel efficiencies.

If conversion is NOT in your near future, there are many ways to reduce your fuel consumption...and costs. For example:

  • Proper maintenance of the engine, tires, etc. can reduce fuel consumption significantly... as much as 15% in some cases.
  • Cautious driving that reduces braking, sudden speed lurches, and left hand turns can also reduce fuel use.
  • Removing weight from full trucks and truck beds lightens the weight and reduces fuel use.
  • Shortening trips with carpooling and multiple errands in each trip reduce usage.
  • Shopping at nearby stores reduces mileage ... and fuel use.
  • Staying at home for more relaxing than a high speed chase for distant pleasures!
  • Public transportation for regular trips that are served by buses, trains or shuttles make sharing a good, smart and saving way of life.
  • Try walking, biking, skateboarding...if these can better get you where you need to go. Most car trips are actually within a mile or so of our homes...just enough distance to give you some weight-reducing, health-strengthening exercise. A very convenient and casual way to meet your neighbors and friends. A great way to build better community...and make new friends!
Think "less is better" and you will find many ways to reduce your reliance (or "addiction") to petroleum.

RESOURCE: Alternative Fuels & Renewable Energy - DOE

Edited by Carolyn Allen
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